Natasha Reloaded Episode 38


Natasha wouldn’t have gone anywhere but the mention of Idris had made her curious. She couldn’t believe that a senior agent such as Idris will be attending a party. In less than seven minutes, she was done dressing and they went away.

They arrived at the party and the party was filled up to the brim. They were lot of boys and girls in the party and it made Natasha to be shy.

“Where’s Idris?” Natasha asked after they had settled down “I can’t find him anywhere”

“Erm, I need to ask you for forgiveness. Well Idris isn’t here. I have to lie or else you won’t come”

“What!!” Natasha shouted standing up “I am going back right now”

“Wait” Jummy said holding her by her arm “please don’t leave me here. Just thirty minutes please and we’re done”

“Twenty five minutes”

“Alright, twenty five minutes will do” Jummy said hugging Natasha.

Natasha sat down with Jummy and they were enjoying themselves as they watch the funny dancers, good dancers and even bad ones.

Just then, Jummy stood up “Excuse me Natasha, I need to use the rest room”

“Alright” Natasha said absent minded.

Jummy got to the restroom and Jay X who was disguised the way he was when he attacked them took over from Jummy. He walked into the party and got close to where Natasha was sitting down with the necklace on his own neck.

Natasha quickly recognize the necklace and stood up after him. The place was very dark except for the dim multi color disco light that was all over the place.

She could recognize his body structure and knew that he might be the one to have attack them some days ago.

She looked around for Jummy but couldn’t find her. At the same time, the mysterious man was going away so she stood up and quickly followed him. Jay x could see Natasha coming towards him from the corner of his eyes. He smiled, she’s working according to plan.

Jummy had perfectly tempered with the wires around the party hall. She did a wrong connection that will enable the wires to spark and the cables to burn.

It hadn’t been up to fifteen minutes she was through and the wires in the party hall started sparking. Soon, the cables got burnt and a fire started.

“Everybody should leave the hall right now” Jummy shouted as she quickly ushered everyone out of the hall except for Natasha and Jay X who were on the upper hall.

Jay X quickly stopped and turned around. Natasha froze at his sudden move.

“Why are you following me?” He asked Natasha.

“It was you, you were the one that attacked us right?”

“Yes, what can you do about it? As a matter of fact, I am gonna sell this necklace tomorrow and your uncle’s coffin had been thrown”

His word hit Natasha like a tsunami, she rushed at him with a blow but he shifted to the right, ducked and gave Natasha a sweep kick.

Natasha fell down. She painfully stood up and turned around. She wanted to fight him but she was no match to him.

“You can defeat me Natasha, you are a weakling” Jay X said as he moved over to party hall. He was on the staircase when a part of it suddenly broke down.

The whole place was caught up in flames. Jay X quickly held a rod that was by the corner. He tried standing up but couldn’t. The iron he was holding got loose and he fell down to the ground with a great thud.

The roof of the party hall that was already weak fell down on Jay X. Jay X couldn’t move. He was trapped and his leg was broken.


Natasha walked to the staircase, she was surprise to see the whole hall caught up in a wild fire. She looked at the staircase and a part of it was broken.

She moved back a bit, ran with speed and jumped to the other side of the staircase. Luckily, she landed sustaining no injuries. She walked down the staircase with smoke entering her eyes and nose. luckily, the entrance to the party wall wasn’t blocked.

“help me” a voice spoke out as Natasha was about to exit the hall. She had no choice than to go and check on the person. On reaching there, she found Jay X lying down helplessly.

“What do you call these, Karma?” Natasha said amidst coughs. She looked behind her and found a very sharp wood which she quickly picked.

“Say your last prayer” she said about to stab him to death. That is what he deserved for stealing her necklace and her uncle’s coffin.

“Please, don’t…don’t kill me please”

Natasha wanted to drop the sharp wood straight into his heart but she stopped all of a sudden feeling pity for him. She tried once again but couldn’t. She knew she can’t take down another person’s life. Then a bright idea suddenly gets into her head, it will be better if she turn him over to the Shadows.

Jay X thought she was going to kill him. Then all of a sudden, she dropped the wood and started lifting the huge pieces of planks that fell on him.

Natasha wasn’t strong enough but she did her best and lifted the planks on his body. She took him up to his feet and they were both moving to the door but Natasha had inhaled too much smoke. She fell down and passed away.

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Shadow Base.
Natasha opened her eyes slowly. She saw herself at their base, lying comfortably on her bed. Around her stood all the Shadow agents including captain val.

“How are you feeling Natasha” captain val asked with a smile on his face.

“Am fine thank you” Natasha said still confuse. Then everything began to replay again in her head. It took about three minutes for her to remember everything that happened the previous day.

“Where is he? Hope you guys are with him?” Natasha asked.

“You mean me?” Jay X said from a corner. “Fear not, it’s me Jay X”

Natasha still didn’t believe him till he removed the face disguise he had on. She was shocked, she was now more confused than ever.

“What’s going on here, what’s the meaning of all these. So it was you that attacked me and took my necklace with my uncle’s coffin?”

“Natasha” captain Val said “you said you wanted to get trained as an agent. Remember what I told you that you are not ready? Well, I have seen that you will make a good agent. So to be sure if you are ready or not, we had to put you through a test”

“I still don’t understand you” Natasha said.

“The main objective of the test is to find out if truly you can control your anger towards your enemy. Listen, your rage was too much it blinded you to make the wrong decision. That was why Donflex stroke you really hard. If you had done anything bad to Jay X, then my theory about you not being ready will be right. But now, you passed the test, it was a good thing you used your head”

“So where’s the coffin?”

“The coffin is here with us at base” captain val said “alright let’s go and leave her alone. She need to rest”.

Before leaving, they all came and gave her a big hug. Then one by one they left till Jay X was the only one left behind.

“Am sorry Natasha. I know I have hurt your feelings, believe me I had no choice and captain val had already…..”

“Shhh” Natasha interrupted him “I am not holding anything against you. A man gat to do what a man got to do”

“Thank you very much Natasha” Jay X said happily as he brought out her necklace and wore it for her.

Natasha observed him. She thought his leg was broken but it wasn’t.

“Your leg?”

“Oh, you thought it was broken right. I wore my leg protector under my trousers. I have to go now so that you can rest. Wow, am so glad you will be trained as an agent”

“Believe me, the pleasure is mine” Natasha said with a wicked grin. Jay X paused and looked at her again, she had change it to a harmless smile. He shrugged, muttered some words and left the room.