Natasha Reloaded Episode 34


So, we can get a job for you here in Australia.”

“Thanks but I don’t need a job”

“What do you need?” Captain val asked surprised as she turned down his request.

“I want to be a trained agent. like Idris, konami and the rest.” Natasha said plainly. She needed to get trained too or else her plans for revenge will be impossible.

“I don’t think I can heed to your request Natasha”

“Why?” Natasha asked surprised.

“Because you’re not ready. You are after revenge and the way you are obsessed with it is very bad. That’s what got your uncle killed”

“You have no right to talk about my uncle in that manner”

“But it’s true Natasha. You were so blinded with revenge that you got a job under your arch nemesis and you weren’t even trained as an underground spy”

“But..but.. I don’t, we don’t know our secrebegant will be blown up”

“Wait, you don’t know that before you get a job into any Empire they will first of all dig into your life for information?”

“I know but…”

“And you don’t know that they will check your parental background too?”

Natasha was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak. Truth is, she was warned by late Elvis but she still forged ahead. Perhaps everything that happened was her fault.

“You see” captain val said seeing how quiet she was “until you are ready and able to control your taste for revenge, you won’t get trained or else you might get everyone killed.” Captain val said without pity.

The word get everyone killed hit Natasha like a tsunami. She remembered her uncle again and thought he will be alive if not for her foolishness.

“You can go” captain val said as she stood up and ran out of the office with tears in her eyes.

Time check. 10:00pm
The street of Canberra was hot as the cops were after Don Pedro and his gang. Don Pedro had been terrorizing the country of Australia for the past few years.

He was engaged in all types of crime including bank robbery and high ranking kidnapping. He had many henchmen under him but today’s robbery was different. Don Pedro himself had been involve in the robbery.

They had carted away with fifty million dollars and the police was hot on their tail.

“Boss, we can’t shake them” Don Pedro’s driver said looking at the side mirror. “You shouldn’t have come boss, now you are in danger”

“Danger? This is fun. I have missed these along time ago. Common let me handle the wheels” Don Pedro said and the driver instantly parked the sports car.

Then in a very swift move, they changed seats and Don Pedro was on the wheels. Now the little delay have given the cops some time to come closer to them but Don Pedro wasn’t worried or bothered at all.

He stepped on the accelerator and the sports car glided with full speed like in a video game. His three men sitting in the back seat began to get afraid. They were afraid not because of the police but because of their Boss’s reckless driving.

Don Pedro a at the mirror and saw three police cars. A set of three police cars were also parked in front of him.

Don Pedro accelerated the car at a high speed. When he got close to the road block in his front, he suddenly stepped on the brake and drifted to the other lane.

Two police cars who couldn’t control their speed had collided with the other two police cars before them and the cars were caught up in flames. The remaining two police cars still followed Don Pedro despite the fact that he was on a one way lane.

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The police had a time dodging cars because they were driving one way with Don Pedro but it wasn’t hard for Don Pedro to avoid the cars.

Don Pedro looked at the side mirror again and found out that the number of police cars have reduced. He looked before him and saw a trailer coming at a high speed.

He increased the speed of the sports car and the cops did same without knowing the plans he have for them. When he had got close to the trailer, he drifted to the third lane again and the Military police cars behind him collided with trailer and was caught in flames.

“That’s how you shake the cops” Don Pedro said looking at his men whom had been sweating.

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SHADOW base,

Natasha had tried convincing Jummy to teach her how to fight but Jummy wasn’t ready to disobey her Boss’s order.

“But am ready” Natasha said with all effort to convince Jummy.

“No you’re not” jummy said again.

Just then Konami, Idris and Farouk entered inside. Idris walked to a seat and sat down, Konami got closer to the girls while Farouk walk to his computers and began to operate it.

Natasha liked the computers. It was bigger and better than the one they had in Flex Empire. She walked to Farouk and sat down close to him. She observed the way he was typing and was amaze. Farouk was far more better with computers than Froshberry. She had to test him if she was better than him or vice versa.

“Stop thinking. I am better than you with computers” Farouk said with a wide grin.

“You wish” Natasha said looking offended. Konami and Jimmy were close by.

“What the?” A message pop up in his screen informing them about the latest news. “Don Pedro is at it again” Farouk said looking at everyone.

Idris came closer to him “get us the video footage”

“Alright” Farouk said and paused “Natasha you claimed you are better than me, go and use the computer over there but try and catch up”

Natasha who felt offended again for the second time walked towards the computer. She sat down, clicked on the software she needed and they started their race of who will be the first to get the video.

Natasha couldn’t do much. The software and everything there was very confusing. They were all created by Farouk and it was only him that could understand it better.

“Done” Farouk said as they looked intently at the screen watching how Don Pedro was racing with the police.

“I got the video footage from the security cameras on the street” Farouk said.

“Don Pedro is up to no good” Konami said.

“Who’s this Don Pedro you guys are talking about?” Natasha asked.

“He is the villain rocking Australia” Jummy said.

“Don Pedro” Idris said, turned back and left the place.

“This guy is very weird” Natasha said watching Idris leave.

“Ha, you don’t know how I hate him with passion” Jummy said “he can give capital punishment over little mistake”

“He!!!” Farouk shouted “that’s my brother”

“Sorry, so what are we gonna do with Don Pedro?” Jummy asked.

“I seriously don’t know” Konami answered back “but I am sure Idris is on it. He will come up with something good”

“Konami I want to ask you for a favor” Natasha said.

“Anything for the princess” Konami said grinning.

“Can you teach me how to fight?”

Konami instantly became dumbfounded.

“Erm.. Ask Idris behind you” Konami said and when Natasha turned around, she didn’t see Idris. She turned back but konami too wasn’t there. He had gone. She turned around to check for Farouk and Jummy but they have all disappeared too.

“Hmm, as long as I am here, I must get trained” Natasha said to herself walking away.