Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 32


“They are fast approaching, what are we gonna do?” Konami asked.

“I leave that to Idris” Jummy said.

Idris brought out a little device from his pocket. The device had just one button in the middle. He pressed the button and brought the device close to his face.

He was sure Akuku {his pet monkey} could see him from the Jet they brought to Nigeria.
“Akuku, we need the Jet” He said and dropped the device. “Natasha I think it’s high time we leave”

“I am not going anywhere with you. Bring back my uncle alive. I want my uncle not you” she said sobbing.

Idris stood up and hung his bow properly, then he lifted her without any effort on his shoulder. She was busy shaking so he brought out a needle from the side of his pocket which he injected her.

“Sleepy sleepy” Jummy said watching her fall asleep.

“Isn’t she so gorgeous and cute when she’s asleep?” Konami whispered.

Jummy quickly have him an elbow to the stomach.
“don’t tell me you’re falling for her already?”

“Didn’t say so” konami replied her with one hand holding his stomach. Just then, the jet they took flew in and was some meters above the ground. Then four ropes were instantly released. Jummy climbed one, konami climbed the second one, the third one was used to tie and pull up Natasha while Idris climbed the last one.

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The Made Men drove in reckless and parked their cars few meters away from their destination. They came down each holding various weapons as they ran to their truck. On approaching the truck, they did a barrel roll into the bush.

They brought out their x ray goggles and looked everywhere.
“No sign of the Shadows, fall in” Lex shouted and everyone came out from their hiding places.

They walked to the truck and inspected it. Just as they feared, Natasha was gone with the driver of the truck dead.

“D–n it” Lisa barked.

“But they wouldn’t have gone far, five minutes ago they were here” lex said.

“And look” shouted Raphael “their bikes is still here. So maybe they ran away on foot”

“Impossible” Alex said “who will run away from his enemies on foot and leave a high speed power bike?”

“I concur with Alex. Maybe they brought in a chopper or Jet but they are gone, with Natasha. Common let’s go and get Leo and Agent S” lex said.

Deep down, he felt relieved that Natasha wasn’t kill at the end. He secretly thanked the Shadows and hope that Natasha won’t be back for revenge again or Donflex might get her the next time she tried that.

Flex Empire
Lex, Lisa, Alex and Raphael returned with the dead body of Leo and one of their finest Agent, agent S didn’t make it. The two men that also went with them were killed but they cared less about their deaths.

“Bring him to my Lab” Professor Johnbull said to Lex. Lex quickly took Leo and went with him.

“What’s going on here?” Donflex who was smiling said.

“Sir” Froshberry began, “they have attacked again”

“Who?” Donflex asked.

“The shadows and this time around, they took Natasha with them after killing Leo, Agent S and two of your men”

“What!!!” Donflex shouted really angry.

“Hmm sir, am really confused I don’t know what to do” Froshberry said frustrated.

“Don’t be confused. All we need to do is wait. She will definitely come back for revenge and that’s when we shall strike her, hahaha. I can’t be defeated, I am a god” he laughed wickedly.