Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 29


Ken somersaulted on the air and gave Lex a double spinning kick. Lex staggered backwards, he hadn’t regain his self when ken gave him an uppercut and threw him hard against the wall.

Ken picked a stick, ran with it and delivered a knock out blow to the back of Lex’s head. He stepped back a little, and was ready to deliver his finishing move.

Donflex was surprised at the turnout of everything. He still decided to keep quiet and watch, maybe Lex knew what he was doing.

Froshberry and Professor johnbull exchanged glances but kept quiet too.

Lex who was on the floor looked at Natasha again. He saw the fury in her eyes and knew they were centered towards him. At first he thought of allowing himself get killed. Maybe it will save him from this guilt he is feeling.

He looked at his boss and the other made men who were watching intently. He can’t die, not here not now. He knew that even though he had failed Natasha, he still have some purpose to live.

With the new fury now in him, he stood up to his feet as Ken was already running towards him to deliver a finishing move. Lex looked at the wall closed to him. He waited for Ken to come close then he pulled of his favourite stunt.

He took three steps vertically on the wall and did a high back flip to the back of Ken. Ken was taking aback by the move and turned around.

Lex held Ken by the neck with his right hand raised him up till his legs weren’t touching the ground.

Elvis, Natasha and her uncle were surprised at the turnout of things. Elvis had taught Ken will defeat Lex but he was wrong.

Lex was still raising Ken high in the air when he threw ken to the wall with brute force. Ken broke some bones and groaned.

Before he could try to stand up, Lex had rushed to him, jumped in the air and have him a knock out punch. Ken lay down without shaking.

Lex smiled. He thought he was through with Ken, he was walking away when he heard soft footsteps coming closer to him. He turned back and found out it was Ken, without wasting anymore time, he gave ken a backward kick, ran to him and delivered his finishing move Spear.

With the last agent dead, Lex walked out of the tournament room in anger. He held straight to his little resting room in Flex empire while Lisa quickly followed him from behind.

“Losers, losers, losers. you are all losers.” Donflex said smiling. He brought out his double barrel gun.


He shot at Elvis and Natasha’s uncle. It was a clean shot as they both dropped dead. Natasha screamed at the top of her voice. Her last family she had in this world had been murdered again.

Donflex smiled, blew the smoke off his gun and walked towards Natasha.

“And you, if given the chance do you think you can defeat me?” He asked Natasha. Natasha wasn’t listening. She felt like dying. Her temperature was now very high and her head kept banging her.

“Goodbye” Donflex said wanting to release the trigger but he paused “on a second thought,” he said looking at her b—–s and beautiful curves “I’d like to have a nice time with you before ending your miserable life”

He kept the gun in his jacket. “Agent S, Leo” he called out.

“Yes sir” they replied in unison.

“Take this girl to my house. I want to have a feel of her before killing her”

“Yes sir”
They said as they took Natasha away.

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It was midnight. Agent S and Leo sat in the back of an Army truck that was conveying Natasha to Donflex house.

Two military men were driving the car. They had gone far from Flex Empire and was about to take a U turn when two power bikes came from the side of the road and started following them.

One was at the back of the truck, the other was close to the driver of the truck. The two military men sensed danger but before the driver could do anything.


An arrow flew in slashing through his throat.

Who are these guys?
To be continued