Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 28



“Are you surprised?” Lisa asked.

“No, I can still…..” Lucy hadn’t finish her statement when Lisa rushed her, dived straight in the air and gave her a spinning kick to the jaw.

“You should be surprised b! tch” she said with an evil snare. **************

Lucy landed on the floor as blood came out from her nose. She placed her hands on the floor and quickly flipped to her feet. They started moving in an anticlockwise direction before Lisa launch at Lucy with a blow. Lucy was fortunate to see this one coming and did a side roll. Lisa missed her and Lucy quickly gave Lisa a scissors punch to the back of her head but yet still, the punch didn’t affect her in anyway

. “play time is over” Lisa said and turned to Lucy. Lucy ran towards her but before she could get any closer, Lisa had already given her her finishing move Three punch combination directly to her stomach. Lucy felt a sharp pain, she instantly dropped to her knees and couldn’t move. She started coughing out blood and her muscles became paralyzed. She remained that way for thirty seconds and instead of regaining her strength, the situation was getting worst.

“Kill or live” Lisa said facing Donflex.

“All losers are expected to die. Kill” Donflex ordered and Lisa smiled. She move to a table where different sort of weapons were kept. The table was few metres from the tournament and she selected a sharp samurai sword.

Lucy tried to get up but couldn’t as she saw Lisa approaching her with the samurai sword. She looked towards Natasha and her team. The last thing she heard was the screams of Natasha before everything got suddenly blank. Lisa spat on the headless body and walked to her seat smiling. Natasha held her uncle tight after she had grown sick and threw up.

“Round two, Sam against Raphael. The fight starts now” Donflex shouted smiling. This was truly the best day in his life.

“Don’t go Sam” Natasha cried out.

“Common Natasha, every living organism must die. That’s prominent”

“Please don’t…”

“Don’t worry Natasha. I will be fine” he said and faced his boss Elvis. Elvis gave a nod and Sam walked to the tournament. Raphael climbed the tournament and the fight began. The two guys were first moving in a clockwise direction before Sam attacked. He gave Raphael a blow and Raphael dodged it. He gave Raphael a head kick but Raphael duck and his legs passed over his head. Sam smiled he suddenly grabbed Raphael, raised Raphael up but Raphael gave him a headbutt and he instantly let Raphael go.

Raphael gave him a cheap shot and Sam staggered backwards. Before he could regain his composure, they had delivered a close line to him and he fell down.

“Common boy, are you this weak?” Raphael statement got him angry. He stood up and gave Raphael an uppercut. Raphael staggered backwards. Sam gave him two blows to the stomach and a spinning kick to the head. Raphael fell down and flipped to his feet but Sam wasn’t done. Sam quickly raised Raphael up and with all the strength he could muster, he threw Raphael to the wall and the wall cracked a bit. Sam was happy but his happiness was cut short as Raphael flipped to his feet showing signs of no pain. Sam charged towards him but Raphael held his neck and gave him a chokeslam. The impact of the chokeslam made Sam weak, very weak.

Raphael was grinning widely. He knew that he had already won the fight. He took two steps backwards, ran with full speed towards Sam and gave him his finishing move, Paradise kick. Sam fell down face flat and couldn’t move again. Donflex gave the orders kill and Raphael walked to the same table, he picked his best weapons. A bow and three arrows.




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He shot the arrows and all got stuck at the neck of Sam, killing him instantly. Natasha couldn’t watch again. It was too horrific for her. She stood up and ran to the rest room as Sam dead body was carried away as Evans and Alex were mounting the tournament. She switched on the tap, then used the water to wash her face severally but the tears were still coming out. At that time, she hated herself and her decision.

“Had I know it will come to all this, i wouldn’t have joined the Five squad team” she said amidst new tears

“had I know it will come to all these, I would have told Elvis the truth about my previous bad record with Donflex, now look at what I have done” she cried more. She knew it was just about time, she knew she will also be killed. She heard a loud cry, it was that of Evans and then, everywhere became quiet. She knew that she had lost another friend.

Cleaning the tears that were coming down from her eyes, she turned around and went back to her seat. When she get back, Ken and Lex, the last fighters were on the ring. They gave orders and the two began to move in an anticlockwise direction. All this while, Lex have been avoiding Natasha. He couldn’t look at her as a result of guilt.

Ken initiated the first attack. Lex blocked it. Ken came again with a blow and Lex blocked it. Ken gave a high knee kick and Lex shoved his leg away redirecting the kick. Ken launched a blow towards his stomach region but Lex shoved his hand away and gave him a headbutt to the chest and Ken moved backwards. Ken held his chest, he was feeling pains but he was still determined to fight. He ran and gave Lex a front flip kick and Lex fell down, before ken could come close, Lex had already flipped to his feet and gave Ken a rock bottom. Ken fell down and broke a bone or two. Lex who was standing looked up and saw Natasha. That was perhaps his mistake. He saw betrayal, hurt and fear in her eyes. He remembered how everything happened.

Natasha was coming, to take care of him when they suddenly got her. This was the girl he loved and yet, was hurting her beyond mankind. Ken who was on the floor have recovered, he quickly used his legs and swept Lex down to the floor with him. Rolling over, he climbed on top Lex and began dishing him blows. This stunt got everyone surprised. Lex pushed Ken away from his stomach and within the space of three seconds, both men had flipped to their feet. Lex was physically and mentally weak. He didn’t want to kill Ken in front of Natasha. He didn’t want to add to her pain already. Ken somersaulted in the air and gave Lex a double spinning kick. Lex staggered backwards, he hadn’t regain his self when ken gave him an uppercut and threw him hard against the wall. Ken picked a stick, ran with it and delivered a knock out blow to the back of Lex’s head. He stepped back a little, and was ready to deliver his finishing move.