Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 17



“are you sure this idea of yours is good, am having a bad feeling about this?” Ken said to Elvis his boss. Elvis was seated in his office with Ken thinking about their recent plan.

“Yes of course” Elvis answered. “You have no reason to be afraid at all. They won’t detect Natasha as a spy. They will just dig into her past record that’s all. I am sure that Natasha didn’t have any grudges with them”

“But what if Natasha did had any business with them but might have forgotten. Or her relatives were once on the bad side of Donflex”

“Hmm” Elvis said clearing his throat. “That one is entirely another case but look at Natasha, she said she is clean with Donflex and moreover, she doesn’t look like someone that have a bad past record with Donflex?”

“That I don’t know but you are right, she didn’t look like someone who had a bad record with Donflex but you never know the things that might have happened in….” Ken hadn’t finish his statement when the door bell rang.

He paused a bit and the door bell rang again.

“Come inside” Elvis shouted and the door got opened as Natasha majestically walked inside.

“Good day sir Elvis, Good day Ken” she greeted taking a chair just beside ken.

“Hi Natasha, what’s up?” Ken answered her.


“Natasha” Elvis spoke out. “Good a thing you are here. I wanted to call for you before but now there’s no need to do so”

“Why sir, is there any problem?”

“Not at all but about this your Job chase in Flex Empire. I would still like to ask you the same set of questions I asked you some weeks ago to avoid us going astray.”

“Which questions?”

“Did you have any bad past record with Donflex, or any of his staffs?”

“No, I don’t have any record at all with them. This is the first time they are seeing me. I told you that already.”

“OK, what about your parents, uncles or aunts. Did anyone of them have any bad past memory with Donflex or any of his staffs?”

Natasha paused for a while. She knew her dad once had an ugly experience with Donflex but now that she’s close to taking her revenge, the same thing behind her reason for revenge want to stop her.

Natasha thought for a while, she was certain they couldn’t dig into her past to the extent of knowing her parents. She could vividly remember that Elvis once said they will just dig into her life a little to know if she’s a spy or not and that mainly include checking her educational background.

“No, none of my relatives once had an ugly experience with them”

“But why did it take you much time to answer us?” Ken said for the first time.

“My mother and Father are both dead”

“Oh sorry”

“Sorry too but may I know what killed them?”

“Erm, they died in a car accident on their way back from village”

“Oh my, am sorry about that. it’s a good thing you are not connected to them in anyway. By now they should be through with their investigation and send you a message confirming you are employed” Elvis said.

Coincidentally, Natasha’s phone began vibrating in her purse, she brought it out and looked at it, it was a text message.

She opened the message which reads…
“You have been employed for the Job and should start soonest. Best regards, Flex Empire”

Natasha looked up and smiled, “speaking of the devil”


“Oh yes, oh yes argh f×ck me harder, yes oh yes” Lisa moaned as Alex was pounding the life out of her. Leo was already exhausted, he had had several rounds with Lisa and his d!ck was already limb.

Alex turned Lisa over, she was now facing him with both legs on his shoulders as he plugged his long d!ck into her pussi and continued banging her.

Leo chuckled. Some years ago, he wouldn’t believe he will ever f×ck Lisa, the slow and silent poison. He knew the reason why she had open her pussi wide enough for them.

She was too depressed. With her beauty, strength and charisma, he didn’t believe that Lex would let her be and chase another so called girl Natasha whom they will soon kill.

He even wished Lisa would just agree to date him, he will be the happiest man in the world.

“Oh, am cummingggggg!!!” Lisa shouted and poured her juice again, Leo and Alex had even lost count.

Her c—-x had triggered Alex’s own as he poured his semen into her pussi and fell besides her.

“Tell me, am I not beautiful enough? Am I not sweet enough? Don’t I have all it takes to make a man happy?” Lisa asked filled with rage.

“Yes dear” Alex answered “you’re the most beautiful and sweetest lady one can ever think of”

“And strongest too. Too bad some people can not have the chance to date you” Leo said.

Lisa understood what Leo had said and felt angry. Her raged was just too much. She felt that someone had to pay for taking her Lex away from her. And there’s no other person than Natasha.

“Natasha must die this night”
She said as she stood up, wore her pant that was kept on the floor and jeans trousers. She also wore her shirt and stormed out of the house.

“D–n, Lisa is gonna spoil our plans” Alex said after Lisa had gone.

“Yeah bro. What do you think we should do?”

“Let’s inform Lex or else, it’s gonna be very bad”

“But she will say we betrayed her” Leo said fully worried.

“That is if Lex is gonna be dump enough to tell her we gave him the info”

Alex took his phone and dialled Lex’s number. The line was going through but Lex wasn’t picking up. He tried again and again but the line wasn’t picked up.

“D–n you Lex, what’s wrong with you?”

“What’s the problem?”

“Lex isn’t picking up” Alex said and kept trying lex’s line.

Lisa drove home with full speed in her Camry XVI. As soon as she got to her house, she pressed a button from a remote she brought out and the gate got opened.

She drove inside, as soon as the car entered inside, the gate got closed automatically. After parking the car recklessly, she stormed into her house.

The first thing she did was to take a cold shower and wash her badly f×cked p—y before going to her bed to have a nice sleep.

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Time 10:14pm
Lisa woke up, yes the time is ripe. She took another shower and walked to her wardrobe fully naked.

She brought out a black net pant and a pair of tight black leggings which she wore, a black singlet and a black jacket on it. Then opening the lower section of the wardrobe, she selected an automatic silent revolver which she kept inside the jacket and took out a little black mask also.

She then walked to her parking lot where she selected a power bike, rolled the power bike out of her compound as the gate closed by itself.

She checked her time once again and smiled.

“Time to kill Natasha” she said driving her bike on a high speed. She had spied and secretly followed Natasha to her house so she knows Natasha’s house very well and nothing will stop her from having her revenge!!