Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 75


Idris quickly held Natasha as she was lost in her thought. Memories started flashing back to Natasha as she remembered the dreadful and wicked DonFlex.

“Natasha!!!” captain Val shouted and Natasha jolted back to reality.

“What are you thinking about?” Captain val asked a dump question.

“This two must be stopped, if Donflex and Don Bashkir are left, they may cause a lot of catastrophe” Natasha said and they nodded.

“I wish we had a Shadow group in Nigeria, they would have been in charge of this hideous act that is about to be carried out” Captain Val said.

“Yes you’re right” they all answered in unison.

“So what now?” Idris asked.

“I will have to summon all the Shadows Captains from all over the continent for a meeting. Whatever we discuss, I shall say unto you guys”

“Alright captain” Farouk said “I will send the signal across to other Shadow group across the continent”

“I will come and help out” Jummy said tagging along Farouk, the atmosphere was so tensed that she needed a change of air.

Farouk kept on typing on his keyboard without uttering any word to Jummy who was by his side. Jummy too was quiet, though she wanted to chat, she had nothing to say to him at that time.

“Farouk, sorry” she muttered.

“It’s not your fault” Farouk replied her.

“Yeah I know, but you must be passing through a lot right now. Knowing that the son of the guy that killed your parents is about to kill millions of people”

“Truth is” Farouk said and paused “I am more concerned about the innocent people he is about to kill, the lives at risk. The children he will render orphans, the men he will render widowers and the women he will render widows”

Jummy got closer to him and gave him a warm hug. It was more of a motherly hug as she was older than Farouk in age.

“We the shadows are here, nothing bad is gonna happen, that is a promise” she said softly.

Natasha and Idris sat down, both were cuddled up in a warm embrace in Natasha’s room. They were quiet and weren’t talking to each other.

“It feels bad you know” Natasha started after a long silence. “To know that the guy you were seeking to destroy. The guy that murdered your family and destroyed your life is back again. Only this time worst, trying to kill millions of people”

“Sometime, I wonder what my life will have become. I missed those days you know. Being with your family. Having to taste those delicious homemade meals and always getting corrected by dad. Getting ice cream whenever dad comes back from work…” Idris kept on saying with a cracked voice.

“Those times that mum will tell you bedtime stories, Dad will always buy you a gift when ever you came out first in class” Natasha interrupted him.

“They took that all away from us” Idris also interrupted her.

They kept quiet as they turned and look at themselves with the “They won’t succeed this time around” look in their eyes. They kept looking at each other till their lips came in contact together.

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Konami was tied up, he didn’t know what to do. A part of him wanted to see Natasha and probably apologized and confess his sins to her but another part of him kept on holding him. He felt so ashamed of himself whenever he thought of how he destroyed their date but when he got captured, she was there for him.

“Men, what am I gonna do” Konami asked himself again and again. “I should put off this guilty attitude of mine, I only did what my heart led me to” He said to himself.

“No but it was wrong, I shouldn’t have done that and to think she came to my rescue even after raining on her parade? But it wasn’t my fault was it? I was only trying to protect her from Idris. I mean Idris should be the bad guy not me”

“But Konami, what you did wasn’t right somehow” he said to himself again. “Common brace up yourself and go and see Natasha”

Konami walked out of his room towards Natasha’s room, he knocked and waited nervously for a reply.

“Yes, who is it?” Natasha asked with a “not so happy voice”

“Erm, it’s me Konami” Konami replied her from outside.

“Oh Konami, common come in” she said as Konami gentle pushed the door and stepped inside. He saw Natasha and Idris sitting down closely to each other.

“Where they kissing?” He asked himself as he traced her lipstick on his lips. He felt a pang of jealousy in his heart.

“Hi bro” Idris greeted.

“Hi bro” Konami replied through a clenched teeth.

“Erm, I think I should excuse the both of you” Idris said standing up as he gave Natasha no chance to reply. He quickly pecked her and walked away.

“Why are you standing there like a stranger? Please make yourself comfortable” Natasha said to him as he sat down.

“Nat, I am erm sorry?”

“For what?” Natasha asked surprised.

“Erm, eem.. You know the Donflex stuff. I know it must have brought back bad memories”

“Uwc, thanks. I am fine now” Natasha said with a cute smile but then, she was seeing Konami as if he was hiding something from her due to his uneasiness.

“Is there something you would like to tell me?” Natasha asked Konami who was looking guilty for an unknown crime.

“Yes” Konami replied “s–t” he cursed himself. If he spill the beans now, there’s no way Natasha won’t hate him.

“I..I meant No”

“No” Natasha asked.

“Yes” Konami quickly answered.

“Yes? Then what is it?”

“No, my yes was actually a yes to your no” Konami started speaking nonsense.

“Common sweet” Natasha said with an angelic voice and face, she knew Konami was hiding something and she must get to the root of the matter.
“What is it? Tell me and I promise I won’t get angry”

“Are you sure?” Konami asked with a frightened voice, Natasha was amazed. What could be this secret that was making Konami to get frightened, she made up her mind to get to the bottom of the situation.

“Yes” she said and gave a short laughter at the way Konami kept his face.

“You are even laughing?” Konami asked Natasha surprised. “I don’t think now will be a good time to tell you what I have in mind”

“No, no, no” Natasha quickly protested. “Am sorry, what got me laughing was the way you kept your face. I promise I won’t laugh or get angry just tell me and trust me”

“Are you sure?”

“I cross my heart Konami”

“OK Natasha, I…I…” Konami stopped.

“Continue please ” Natasha urged him with interest.

“I love you”

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