Natasha Reloaded Episode 13


Farouk: It’s them!
Konami: common Idris, we have work to do.
Idris: *silent*
Farouk: your Jet is ready, the guys are approaching their targets really fast. Something must be done to stop them, we can figure it out on your way there. They both changed into their uniforms, black trousers, black shirt with hoods and a little mask on their face. They entered inside the jet, konami and Idris with his monkey on his shoulders.
Konami: let’s rock!!
Alex was walking in the shadows towards our house. He did it in such a way that it seems he wasn’t aware that the SHADOW AGENTS were near.
Konami and Idris were on top of our roof. Their jets were parked some distance away from our house.
Konami: same guy. He was lucky he escaped the previous battle, now he is going down for sure.
Idris: *taking his bow and arrow* Trust me..
He let go of the arrow but it didn’t get to Alex. Something stopped it from reaching him. It was as if the arrow was shot by a silent pistol.
Idris: what!!!!!!
Konami: hmm, what will the SHADOWS say when they hear this. I thought you never miss?
Idris: *silent*
He jumped down from the roof and landed at the front of Alex. Konami also did same
Alex: Idris and Konami.
Konami: what!! How did you know us?
Alex: hahaha, you are going to die right now.
Idris: not after killing you.
He said and rushed Alex with a heavy blow. Rapheal came out of the dark with his finishing move,
Idris was very lucky as he quickly ducked and Rapheal flew pass him.
Idris: I will take this one, you take the former one.
Konami: copy that.
They were about to strike when little knife were thrown at them. Idris quickly did a side summersault and ducked. Konami didn’t move fast and a knife got him at his right leg.
Konami: oow men, not the leg!!!
Lisa came out with her knifes and sword. Followed by Lex, and Leo.
They all stood in a straight line with lex at the middle.
Idris: five assassins.
Lex: hahaha, we are called the MADE MEN, prepare to die.
Konami: five against two?
Lisa: no, five against one and half.
Konami: *whispering* and I was thinking of setting a date.
Idris: I take the leader (LEX), the girl (LISA) and the archer (RAPHEAL).
Konami: I take our former guy (ALEX) and his friend (LEO)
Lex: let’s end this.
He said and rushed Idris. Rapheal quickly shot an arrow at Idris while Lisa threw little knifes at him. He quickly dodged the obstacles that they threw at him but Lex was fast enough to get him his finishing move, SPEAR .
Idris fell down and Lex started delivering punches on his face. He technically threw lex out of his body. Lex stood up and rushed him again but Idris was fast enough to deliver his finishing move, ARM SWORD .
He got lex at his head and lex fell down. He brought out two arrows,
“Whooop ”
“whooop ”
again, Lisa dodged it with a backflip but Rapheal wasn’t fast enough and it pierced his leg. He fell down holding tight his bow.
Lex who has gained strength came from the back gave Idris a back breaker, Lisa did a front flip and gave Idris a bicycle kick.
Idris was now bleeding because they outnumbered him, three to one.
Konami wasn’t doing good as well. He gave Leo his finishing move HAMMER FIST STRIKE and Leo flew backward but Alex was quick enough to give him a powerful kick at his injured leg.
He fell down and winced in pains as Alex climbed him and started punching him. He was able to throw Alex off his body but Rapheal who was on the ground was already aiming an arrow at him.
What happened next?
Is this truly the end of the top two shadows agent?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED].