My Woman, My Everything – Episode 2 – One lie lead to the other


“Do you two know each other already” asked the lecturer
Adobea was silent, she didn’t know the answer to give the lecturer.
“Lady, i asked you a question” said the lecturer
It was obvious that Fii had to come out with something
“Yes sir, she is a good friend of mine way back in High school” Fii intervene.
One lie lead to the other, the lecturer ignored them and continued with the class.
It was amazing how Adobea and Fii for the first time clicked. The chemistry between them was just above the limit. You could tell from the look on their faces that they wanted the class  to end so they can talk to each other.
Adobea couldn’t hold herself, she took a sheet of paper and wrote”Thank you”, she then passed it to Fii who quickly replied.
For close to 20 minutes, Adobea and Fii were just exchanging notes of messages. They were getting along pretty well. The smiles on their faces was a sign that they were enjoying every bit of the conversation.
On the first day, they just didn’t pay attention to the lecturer, their attention was on each other. Unfortunately the class had to come to an end and the lecturer dismissed the class.
Before Fii could ask of Adobea’s name on his final note, the Lecturer asked Adobea to see him.
She walked out of the class to see the lecturer who had already sat in his vehicle.
He made Adobea sit in the car and drove her away from the presence of the Students.
Adobea curiously asked the lecturer “Sir, where are we going, i have to go home”
“Don’t worry am just driving you away from these students, they talk too much, and by the way you can call me Mr. Edward, am not comfortable with you calling me sir” The lecturer answered.
“Ok Sir, sorry Mr. Edward, may i know what i have done wrong? Adobea asked
” why do you think you have done something wrong? I called you here to meet your acquittance, as a lecturer, one of my roles is to seek the welfare of my students. I won’t waste your time, take my card and call me tonight”
Adobea took the card and got down from his car. She actually wanted to see Fii before going home, she rushed back to the lecture hall to meet the absence of Fii.
Fii had waited for all this while and had already left cause he thought Adobea had gone home.
To be continued.