My Rich Wife Episode 4

When she came back from work that day, I began to tell her sweet things like, Jocelyn I love you dearly, you are a beautiful woman, you are the pride of your generation, an epitome of dignity and royalty etc. These I had rehearsed all day awaiting my wife as I was taught by my friend Evans. She rarely gave attention to my rhymes as she walked pass me waving her hand and heading straight to her room. I rushed into the kitchen to arrange her dinner. Evans had taught me to serve her on the bed. In ten minutes I was done, well packaged meal with a royal touch. When I got to her room Jocelyn was fast asleep. She went to bed with her shoes and her office dress intact.
I was really discouraged and disappointed because of all the stress I went through to prepare the meal. My inability to make love to my wife that night was not as painful as the wasted effort put into preparing the meal. I stood by her bedside for almost three minutes not knowing what to do. I made attempt to wake her up but she was snoring loudly. But will this food waste seeing how much money and time I have put into it? I tapped her arm and she made an unconscious turn, her left hand went straight to the tray in my hand and it slipped from my hand and everything dropped to the floor. The sound of the accident woke Jocelyn. What was that? She asked gently and continued her sleep. For about twenty minutes I was cleaning up the mess. I gave up on my plan that night and went to bed very sad.

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I called Evans to update him on what happened and he laughed at me to scorn. Why are you laughing at me Evans, I asked him angry. He advised me to repeat same process the following day. I was sorry for myself.

One month old marriage without intimacy. Nothing seemed to bother Jocelyn as everything seemed normal to her. How can a woman be married for one month without coming close to her husband, even if not for the pleasure, at least for the sake of raising children. I encouraged myself and decided I will try again the following day.

I was preparing her another delicacy for dinner when she called me to inform me her sister would be visiting us. “Please include her for dinner tonight” she said.
Kauna arrived in Abuja at about 5:60pm around the time Jocelyn normally comes back home. When she closed from work, she headed to the airport to pick Kauna. Kauna was to spend two weeks with us for her vacation. When they came back, I served them dinner and they ate and talked till midnight. Then I began to wonder why Jocelyn was always coming back home looking so tired everyday. The presence of her sister changed everything in the house. Jocelyn now comes early everyday. She eats dinner with her sister regularly without giving me any attention.
With Kauna in the house my mission was put on hold for another two weeks. Kauna did not use the guest room for one day, she slept with her sister on her bed while I slept alone in my room. Six weeks after my marriage, I haven’t known my wife as husband and wife. What kind of marriage is this…….?
My brothers yet to be married and reading my story, beware of a rich wife. My unfortunate marriage taught me a lot of lessons I don’t wish for anyone. I am married to a rich woman but I was not fulfilled.