My Misery Episode 2


WHEN I got to the shop, Amina was there already.
She had swept and tidied up the shop.
“Farida you’re 20 minutes late so therefore you are fired!” she said, jokingly. And we both laughed. “wah really happend?” now she was frank.
“I met a guy this morning” I told her straight.
Amina had always long to see the day I would have a boyfriend.
So I told her evrything, including falling for the guy.
“Did you u guys exchange contacts?” were Amina’s first words.
“Nope!” I said, sadly.
Amina laughed.
“But I wouldn’t have given it even if he had asked,”
I quickly added.
Amina stared at me for a while- that kind of friends look. She knew I didn’t mean that.
I didn’t concentrate much on work that day. It was worse the next day. And the next next day…in that order.
There was One day I almost stupidly turned a lady’s skirt into a trouser ‘cos I was just imagining the guy’s trouser.
To be honest,
Efforts to take ma mind off him were abortive.
Amina once said to me that the day I would fall in love, its going to be worse. I Remember telling her that Love is just a word used by people who want to depend on others.
I guess I was wrong.
After work that day, I got home and met a very shocking sight. Our house was flat on the ground.
Virtually all our properties were destroyed.
It’s a tragedy I never thought would befall My family.
My dad called a close friend of his, Mr. John, and told him our predicament. My dad quickly chattered a taxi. We packed our vital properties and left for mr. John’s house.
I was swept off my feet to find out that mr. John’s son is the very guy I met one morning on my way to the shop, whose trouser was torn at the side.
That very guy whom I wished silently in my heart that he asked for my mobile number. Yeah!
He is my dad’s friend’s son. He is mr. John’s son.
I never anticipated.