My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 11


“Oluchi,,jason” she screamed making me confused as I stared at her like a lost they know each other..chaii..

Cynthia: so you are stabbing me at the back *broke down in tears*

Cynthia suddenly dashed inside and headed to the kitchen..she came back with my sharpest knife and chased oluchi out half naked with the will to stab heart was pounding hard as I was pacing my room awaiting my judgement..”I wouldn’t have wake up if I knew I’ll die today” I thought to myself.

Cynthia ran back inside with the knife still in her hand and tears like river flowing in her eyes while I was staring agape with emp shock all over me..

Me: n…ot wha..t you

I was still stammering when she landed me two hot brain suddenly left it place..I was seeing stars,,my head was burning and my vision became blurry..another slap landed on my cheek sending my brain back to it position..I staggered backward holding my cheek..she suddenly held my still stiffy rod as I was still wearing boxers threatening to cut it off..chaii..

Cynthia: this was what is making you able to cheat on me..and with my bestfriend..let’s see if you will be able to cheat again after I’ve cut it…

So oluchi was her friend..choi

Me: a..m sorry *i stammered*

The knife she was holding fell from her hand and danced on the floor for a while..I was relieved..she looked into my eyes in tears and I quickly kissed her..we landed on the bed still kissing while I have already removed my boxers and her gown is gone leaving her stark naked..I slipped my metal/steel in her kitty and f—-d her with full force..

I laid on the bed exhausted while she went to the bathroom..she later stepped out and dressed..

Cynthia: I’ll be going now..*she said not looking at my direction*..

I jumped up and held her back..

Me: am sorry na sweetheart..*i said jokingly*

She stared into my eyes,sighed and planted a kiss of life on my lip resurrecting my rod..I hurriedly kissed back,,we were still kissing when she let out moans and grabbed my erected steel,,rubbing it gently..she quickly stripped herself naked and we went another round..

Cynthia: you know I can’t do without you,,I love you jason..*rubbing my chest*

My conscience immediately blocked me from lieing I also loved her,,I pulled her head closer as we were lying side by side on the bed and kissed her forehead..she later dressed and left claiming she was on her way to market and just branched..

I heaved a long sigh as I was lying on my bed after I’ve freshen up thinking about the deep shit am sure she will kill me if I tell her I didn’t love her..what do I do now!!..chaii..

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I laid on my bed at night still on cynthia phone suddenly began ringing jolting me off,,the caller’s number was unsaved,,I hissed then threw my phone on the bed..the number called again,,I still ignored it..might be that witch cynthia..once again,,the number called again..”Mak this person no dey disturb person na” I said angrily..I finally picked it at third ring..

Me: hello..*angrily*

Caller: don’t want to pick my call before?

I recognised the sweet voice to be sharon’s immediately..

Me: sha..ron?..*i stammered*

Caller: just got a new are even the first am calling with it..

Me: oh,,so where did you get my number?

Sharon: from uncle val..

Val?..did she visit val or what?..wait,,am I jealous..she later told me she met him in the market which relieved my mind..she narrated how cynthia has been blocking her to come to my place..cynthia again?..chaii..we talked for almost 30minutes before she hung up..

Cynthia sent many messages which I surely failed to no time I drifted to deep slumber and was woken up by my phone ringtone(story for the gods)..Young John beat too dey loud..i hissed with my eyes opening gradually,,I checked the caller and was surprised to see it was Sharon..why is she calling at this time na (1:20am)..

Me: hi sharon

Sharon: hello sir,,I must have woken you up..

You no checked your time before..”mcheew” hissed in my mind..

Me: it’s okay (though it’s not)..cant sleep?

Sharon: and you c…aused it *she stammered*

Me: *shocked*

Sharon: Jason am in…..*call ended*

I tried her number but was switched off..chaii..i was in jungle of different thoughts when I later fell asleep…..”grrrr” my alarm rang out loud..i quickly stopped the stupid alarm and managed to stand up..i headed to bathroom and later stepped in my room after cold bathing..

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I set off to school some minutes later after breakfast..i was sitting in my office reading a novel when someone barged in..i was surprise to see Sharon..she closed my door angrily and walked closer with a frown..whats happening..

Sharon: *clapped* Mr smart..

Me: do *i stammered

Sharon: I snuck to my sister room when my phone died to call you back..i read all your conversations on whatsapp and the sweet messages the idiot sent you..i can’t believe you two were dating…anyway am here to give you the last warning,,stay away from my sister..

She hissed and stormed out while I just stared agape with the loads of saliva dropping from my mouth..oh God what to-do now??