My Girl-Episode 4



As she lays on her bed , trying to go to sleep, racking her brain trying to remember anything, anything at all for the past couple of weeks to pinpoint when exactly and how exactly she was stupid enough to have unprotected sex with anyone or was she raped?.

Nothing comes to mind.

She turns on her side, as tears runs out of her eyes, she sniffs, crying into her pillow. She loved kids, she loved her nieces and nephews, but she had always told herself that when she had kids, it would be in the confines of a loving marriage, a home and  a husband. Not now, how was she to care for the kid? Her parents, No her father would kill her, he was strict, very strict and he preached the whole abstinence thing taking it seriously. He thinks she was still a virgin.

She is 23 years old yet he still treats her like a kid. Her ex-boyfriend Fred had a hard time with them, and they always lied to her parents that they had never being intimate but ofc ourse what daddy doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt him right?.

But they had always being careful, using protection and when they went skinny-diving, she had always worn a patch and they wouldn’t be stupid to do it without one. But who had impregnated her, who?

Oh God!!

She cries into her pillow and after a while she falls asleep.



It was too days later, while she was walking down to the supermarket to buy some groceries did she see them, a couple sitting and having breakfast together. It wasn’t that they were having breakfast, it was what that happened during that made her pause..

Apparently they had bought ice-cream from the Cold Stone Mart next door, and spoon feeding each other, they laughed and kissed.. but that wasn’t it.

The girl had flicked the spoon filled with ice-cream causing it to splash and hit the boy’s face and some gets to his hair which he cleans off laughing, and then he wipes his face, looked at her mischievously and just when she was about to run he grabs her, dipping his finger into the cup  of ice-cream he smears it on her nose, cheeks and her lips, when she laughs trying to smear him back he holds her hands and kisses her nose.

Megan smiles at them, such cute couple she muses..

Then the boy kisses her cheeks and then her neck, then he laughs pointing that he had smeared her cheeks and neck with the ice-cream with the one on his face, she pouts feigning anger, then she tells him to clean it.

He smiles obliging, but instead of using the handkerchief she gives him, he proceeds to use his tongue licking off the stain from her neck slowly, then her cheeks … the way he did it sent shivers up Meg’s spine.

But Meg frowns wondering why that should affect her.

She stares, as the couple stare at each other, in another second they kiss so sensually that you would wonder if they would do it there and then, but he whispers something into her ears and in another minute they get up, holding hands as they leave, their body language as obvious as a red light in a dark alley… they were going to get some.

She frowns, yeah, it’s all fun and good right now, all lovey-dovey, a month from now the girl gets knocked up and it won’t be great anymore. She wished she could go after them and tell them to douse their sexual urges in cold water and flee… but then again, it was her own fault not to be careful enough to know who knocked her up, not them. Sighing she gets her groceries, and leaves

Tonia calls her , she answers “Tomorrow, we would go, I have the money”

“Great, as early as six okay? tell your mum we have  a prayer session in my crib”



While she laid on her bed that night fighting tears, she had gone to the bathroom a couple of times that day, when her mother had asked she had lied about coming down with fever and the throwing up was as a result of food poisoning she had from junk. She had that a couple of times so her mother didn’t suspect, her father only frowned.

Falling asleep finally, she thought of the two couple flooding her head.

His head was smeared with ice-cream and then… they were pressing it’s contents into their  mouths, she remember some getting to her cheeks and then her neck, he was laughing… pointing.

Then he had her in his arms, kissing her neck. No, licking the cream off her neck..

She shivers, she felt it as though she was the one that was being held. She saw herself laugh, teasing or daring him, she shakes her head He was laughing, a mischievous glint in his eyes, he is back at licking her neck, caressing her back. They are on the bed now, touching, undressing… making love. It felt so real, like she was the one there.

“I don’t even know your name”

The boy laughs..”It’s-“

She jumps up from her bed abruptly, she gasps, as it all comes flooding back.

“Oh my GOD!! I remember everything !!!!” she breaths


“Sean O’Conner !!?’’ Tonia exclaims

“Like Sean O’Conner, best graduating student, Oakley University, next neighbors to us Sean O’Conner?’’ Tonia asks in disbelieve

“Yes. Damn Tonia! we did it, we were drunk and maybe high, I remember it all, oh my God!!’’ she cries

“You have to tell him”

“What do I say? Hi Sean, my name is Megan, we had sex graduation night and guess what, I think, no not think, I am pregnant… so you want to get married, date or… keep it? Or wait, lets abort it, I just wanted you to know”

Tonia screws up her face “well more or less’ she says

“I am pregnant Tonia, there is no way I can joke about this”

A plate shatter behind her, they both turn to see Megan’s mother standing there with her mouth open

“Pregnant!!!’’ she gasps

“Oh shit!!“Tonia exclaims

“mum!!”Megan cries as her mother comes into the room

“Are you pregnant Megan?’”

“No” Tonia answers

“I wasn’t talking to you. Meghan Irene Philips,are you pregnant?”

She shakes her head “No mother, no I am not we are ..erm talking about something else, a series..erm”

She heard her father enter the house, coming up the stairs. She thought they were out, they were supposed to be out till later.

“Are you lying to me?”

“No mum… No” she goes to close the door, oh God please no no no!!

“Ruth, honey where are you, did you find my wallet?’’ he climbs up the stairs


Tears fills her eyes.. ‘‘Mum please”


“Mrs Philips she isn’t, how can she be?“

“You will not lie to me Megan,not in this house, we are going to the clinic right this minute” She drags her hands opening the door…

“Oh mum please” Megan cries.. “Please no okay wait mum,I don’t want father to know please” she begs

“Know what?’’ he comes forward frowning,

“Megan has ruined us Charles, Megan is pregnant!!!”

Charles countenance changes in a second, he takes quick strides to her, pulls her from her mother..

“Who is the father Megan?’’


‘‘who is?’’

“Father please”

‘’You know my rules, you know my stand,… you know this, then why?’’

‘‘I am sorry”


“Sean O’Conner!!”

“Fine, go there and tell the young man and he comes and do the needful, if not, get your things and leave my house, I will not let a disobedient and wayward daughter leave under my room. Get out!!!” he drags her and pushes her out the door, Tonia is sent out too.



Sean O’Conner frowns opening his door to find a beautiful girl in front of his door, but her eyes were swollen as though she was crying.

“Hi, erm, can I help you?’’ he says, he has his bag packed, his flight was in an hour.

“Yes, Sean O’Conner?’’

He frowns “Yes? Do I know you?’’

She cleans her eyes,nodding “Sort off, I’m Megan Philips, we had sex graduation party night…and I am pregnant!!” she sniffs


“I am pregnant!!’’

“Yes I heard that but what the hell? I don’t know who you are, never met you in my life and I am sure as hell didn’t screw some random chick and didn’t get you pregnant.What, is this some joke?”’

“No, you might not remember trust me, we were drunk and it happened and it took me a month to remember and i-“

Sean starts to laugh looking around “HA HA HA very funny, someone is trying to prank me right?’’

She dips her hand into her bag and shows him the test results

“You’ve got to be fxxking kidding me!!!’’ he exclaims

“No I am not Sean, my father kicked me out… you have to come”

“Look I don’t know you and I have never had sex with you. Please leave me alone, okay, go find who got you pregnant, it wasn’t me, I have a flight to catch. You crazy!!” he says giving it back to her, carry’s his Bag, enters his car and speeds off

Megan chases him but he was gone, she lays on the ground and wails, Tonia gathers her into her hands..

“He left Tonia, he just left without wanting to listen” she cries

“Bastard!!” Tonia spat,

“What do I do?’’Meg is distraught