My Girl-Episode 22



“So, I came by your house this morning, you forgot we were supposed to go balling this morning, but your in-house told me you didn’t get home last night, where did you sleep and whose tracksuit is that?”

Sean alights from his car, stretching, thankful the swelling had gone down and the pain was barely feel-able..”At Kiki’s” he says “Sorry, I forgot, got into a tiny accident but I am good”

“At the little monkey’s house, whoa, you slept with her sexy hot mother? The woman I want to make babies with and marry?”

“Not sleep with her, just on her couch and don’t be ridiculous! You want to bang her not make family with her” Sean enters his house with him following

“I would change for her” Zachary tells him.

Sean goes to take a quick shower and he is dressed ”I need to go do something real quick, can I have a rain-check?”‘

“Er, what you going to do”

“Their car is still at the mall, need to go pick it up, I told her I would do that”

“Oh!” Zachary follows him outside “”Do you like this chick, I mean…?”

Sean frowns scoffing “”Of course not. Why would you think that?”‘

“‘No reason, just curious, you are all over the place that is why”‘

”I took her home, her car is still there, just getting the car that’s all”


Sean turns away looking at the road, he is frowning.

He doesn’t like her. She has a great kid and it was surprising how he suddenly loved playing with her. There was something about the kid that was so awfully familiar but, does he like her mother?

No he doesn’t. He would drop the car, go home, for Saturday, he would get Kiki something nice on her birthday and maybe get back to his life.

He got some missed calls from his girlfriend and he didn’t feel like replying, her messages came too.. and half of them were asking about the new car, more money and about throwing her a party for her new clothing line. He sighs, he really didn’t feel like talking to her.



Sean gets the car tolled to the mechanic, fixes it and then gets it to her house… Zachary was at the door beside him when he rang the bell..

Megan opens to find them, she frowns… Kiki puts her head out..

Sean wishes she could stop frowning every time she sees him, it bothers him… A LOT!

“Your car, Mechanic says it’s good and ready” Sean says..

”Oh wow, nice and you forgot all about your car” Tonia comes out, nudging Megan out of the way..

Megan stares at him, at her car and then back at him, folding her hands “Thank you” it comes out stiffly

“You are welcome” he sees her “Hi Kiki”

“Hi Uncle Sean” she pops her head out, her smile shows

“Hi beautiful” Zachary is staring at Megan who rolls her eye “Hello Little Monst-erm baby” Kiki looks at him funny

“It’s Kikina, I am not a baby”‘

“And I am a person, I am Tonia and you are?”

“Oh, Zachary Spiff, Sean’s best friend since the invention of best friends”


Now they are all staring awkwardly at each other.

“I wonder, do you all want to go to the beach, it’s a great day for it, there is a gig going on, I wonder, would you all like to go, it’s a few minutes away” Sean blurts out without thinking.

”Beach, you didn’t mention anything like that to me” Zachary turns to Sean

“No!!” Megan answers

“Beach yes!!” Tonia and Kiki exclaims…

“Great! so, we can go in my car, big enough for everyone.. ” Sean continues

“No we are not”-”

“Excuse us for a minute” Tonia tells them turning Megan to face her as Kiki jumps excitedly running into the house “Going to get my Beach toys and swimsuit… Yay!!”’she screams

“We are not going-” Megan began

“Let it be Megan, live for today, today pretend like that didn’t happen years ago, today, let it be. We are going, live a goddamn little dammit!. You have been so stuck up for so long you forget to have fun and live, WE ARE GOING!!”




They left an hour later, Tonia had threatened to tell Sean about Kiki if she didn’t agree. It was a hand-turner, she gave in. Tonia wins.

Two hours in the beach and kiki is building castles and burying Sean in it, Megan is avoiding Zachary’s persistent toasting and Tonia is enjoying the water she soaked herself in.

Three hours later, and Megan is still the only one not having fun.

“Come play with us mum”

Megan shakes her head, seated, fighting the will to take her daughter and run but she can’t, Kiki seemed so happy and Sean relaxed.

“Come play?”‘

“‘No baby, mummy is okay here”‘ she replies “I am playing with the sand here, we are good”‘ she pats the beachsand

Sean who had been dug out of the castle-grave, sand in his hair is staring at Kiki whose face smile has suddenly turned upside down with her eyes glistening “You want me to get mummy to play?” he bends whispering to Kiki who nods

“Okay, I will”

Zachary had gone off to get another round of drinks for everyone and juice for kiki, he comes back to seat with Megan who wouldn’t give him the time of the day, he sighs in defeat giving up.

If she likes him, he would have scored by now. She had stood up and he too, it seemed as though she was looking for an escape. Zachary sighs, no hope for him here.

Sean walks up to them “Sup man?”‘

Zachary shrugs “Oh nothing!”

“Hmm, hey Megan?” he eyes her mischievously

She ignores him. He was quick.

Before she knows it, with one quick reflex, Sean bends grabbing her hands and lifts her from the leg, flinging her over his shoulders as she screams and thrashes over the place with her hands hitting him, Sean runs with her into the water… and dumps her inside.

Kiki as clapping and laughing, joined by Tonia.

Megan is thrown deep, she swims out and cleans her eyes to see Sean laughing and giving thumbs up to Kiki who is clapping. She is mad, in her anger she gets to him and slaps him hard across his face.

Sean holds his face,and stares at her “Dammit Megan, stop slapping me, two slaps since knowing you”‘

“Í would if you do it again”‘

Sean grabs her head and pushes her into the water. He hears Kiki laughing and Tonia and Zachary gasps.

Megan comes out of the water and this time screaming she slaps him again..

”Dammit it!!” he exclaims

“‘Stop it or i’ll slap you again”

He does it again, this time two slaps reaches his face in quick successions


“‘Unless what,  unless what?” she says, he reaches for her head to push her down..

This time she slaps him before he succeeds, He grabs her hands, she is struggling..”Stop it Megan”

“‘No! let go of me!!”


“Let go off me, I will scream”

“Go ahead!”

Megan opens her mouth and as her scream starts, without thinking he pulls her to himself and crushes her lips with his lips with a kiss.

Megan freezes, stiffens then suddenly melted in his arms … as she kisses him back.