My Girl-Episode 12


Especially when Kiki keeps seeing their pictures and keep asking about them

“They are in the city kiki’’

“Why don’t they come to visit, don’t they want to see me?”

“They do sweety, they want to and they will,okay?”’ she had told her

Today, she was going out there again, and she hopes that today would be the day they forgive her and get to hold kiki and love her a she had loves her.

She was parked in front of their house now, “Stay here kiki, I will be back”

She gets out with the gift, she places the gift on the ground, presses the door bell and goes back into the car and waited.

She saw her mother come out, seeing the gift on the carpet laid out on the floor, she picks it up and then looks around, she began to open it when the door opens and her father comes out, snatches the gift and tosses it away, he pulls his wife inside and then shuts the door.

It felt like someone used a dagger in her heart.

The tears flows down ‘‘mummy, why are you crying?” Kiki raises her hand to touch her mother’s face. Megan sniffs.

“I am not baby, something is in my eyes” she lies trying to hold back tears but it keeps pouring, soon she is wailing holding unto the steer wheel, her heart breaking over and over again.

“Mummy, please don’t cry, if I did anything I am sorry, please don’t cry” Kiki removes the seat belt and hugs her mother, “Pleaase mummy I am sorry” she sobs wiping her tears
“Mummy don’t cry I am sorry”

Megan cries for a long time, and yet, they didn’t come out, they didn’t come out.

She puts her car on drive and heads home.



She turns away from the window from where she was peering from, her eyes wet.. “It’s been too long Charles, too long … I can’t do this anymore, I can’t’’ she bursts into tears and runs up the stairs

“She left us Ruth, she did, and I will not accept her back, not with that child, never, she disrespected me, disrespected us, she humiliated us and left, brought shame upon us, made us the laughing stock. I had to step down from heading a good position in church because of her and I wanted to get her married and secure her future and the child’s but what does she do, she leaves, runs away now she comes back?NO!.. I’ll never forgive her’’

“But she has suffered enough, out there on her own for four years, taking care of a child, please”
Ruth begs from the stairs

“Never, never !!’’ he shouts, Ruth runs further up the stairs crying, Charles turns flinging the cane he held away in anger “Never!” he repeats



A few days later, she had found another school she was going to enroll Kiki into, making sure the company supplying them wasn’t the same one supplying Kiki’s, there was no way he would run into her daughter ever again.

She was going to do that today after school, she would tell the proprietress she was pulling kiki out.

Sighing, she turns when someone knocks on her classroom door,

“Continue your work kids” she says going outside

“Yes Divine?”

“I am so sorry but Child Services are here to see you, I already pulled Kiki out of class”

“I don’t understand” Meg says frowning “Why are they looking for me?”

“I really don’t know, we don’t want any one getting worried and asking questions, they said they were looking for Kikina and her mother and … I don’t know, they are in the library, please come” Divine says, worry creasing her forehead..

“I really don’t understand, please someone should stay with the kids”

“I’ll get someone Megan to do that, please follow me”



“My name is Deborah Teneka, I am from Child services and we have reports that your daughter is being abused by you’’ the woman who came forward says looking from Megan and to kiki who is seated by the corner

“And who may I ask dared to spew such ridiculous nonsense and lie against me and my child?l ook at her, does she look abused ?” she holds kiki and turns her around “No bruises, none!“

“Sometimes bruises aren’t Physical, it could be emotional as well”

“Oh for God’s sake!“

“Kiki, are you scared of your mother?” the lady turns to Kiki telling her to come forward

“No, I am not. Mummy, why is she here? she is scaring me” Kiki goes to hold her mother

“You see? A child who is scared of her mother wouldn’t run to her”

“Sometimes a child is bullied into believing the threat to her life is actually her protector, but I am sorry a report has been filed against you by someone who believes the child is in danger and it’s our duty to check, and if its indeed true we would take the necessary precaution to save the child”

“You will not take my child away from me, who was it, who was it?’’ she shouts at the lady holding tight to Kiki who was hugging her

“Mummy” kiki cries

“Calm down madam” Deborah says

“No tell me who was it. Has that person seen me do anything to my daughter, who the hell was it?”
Someone was ushered into the room by another Teacher,

“It was me!’’

They all turn to the door as Sean O’Conner walks in.

“You Bastard!!’’ Megan breaths