I watched as my best friend looked at her, he was in love with her, I could feel it, he had never been this happy. She turned to look at him and smiled too, she loved him too. But I had a secret, a very terrible one, I was in love with my best friend, and even though we were very close, we discussed our various relationships, we never talked about us, when our friends teased , we just laughed but we never denied their assumptions, we just looked at each other and laughed, today when we met, he told me what his plans were, they were going to be together the whole week, they were going to the beach, then they’d travel out of town for four days and they’d wrap up by spending the weekend together at his house where he’d eventually ask her to be his wife. I laughed and teased nervously as my heart broke into a million pieces. Before her, we had done all these things together, gone to the beach, gone on trips, spent the weekend together, now I felt he hadn’t just gotten a girlfriend, he had gotten a best friend, and I, I was just going to be cast aside with my forbidden love.


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