My Father’s Desire Episode 18 Final


Adaobi regained consciousness two days later in the hospital. She opened her eyes and wished that she dead. The event of two days ago was still fresh in her mind. Her past had come to haunt her.
“Thank God, you are awake,” her husband uttered as soon as he saw that Adaobi had opened her eyes.
“Please dear, call my daughter, and her husband. Tell him to come with his parents” she pleaded.
When Sir & Lady Emenike arrived at the hospital with Echidime and his wife, Adaobi asked Lady Ebere:
“Please did you say that you adopted Echidime,”
“Yes, we did.”
“Could you remember the motherless babies home from where you took him?”
“Divine Sisters’ Home” Lady Ebere answered.
An air of tension which was clear hung in the hospital room where Adaobi had been admitted.
Then Adaobi began her confession, “the day Echidime came to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, I sensed that something was wrong but I could not place my finger on it. I saw the birth mark on his cheek and assumed a coincidence. But fate has another thing in store for us. I got pregnant for a man I loved but my father who was the architect of all these couldn’t allow us to be. I was so confused that I broke up with him and I couldn’t tell him that I was pregnant for him. I, I was-,”Adaobi sobbed
Nobody comforted her since nobody understood what she was saying. They all kept quit and continued to look and listen to her.
“Oh, how I wished,” Adaobi continued.
“How I wished that my father is still alive to witness this day and pay for his atrocities. Well, my father forced me to get a rich man to marry me in order to better our living conditions then. If I had know, only if I were allowed to peep into the future, I would not allowed my father to ruin my life. The result was that Echidime was adopted, my heart skipped.”
“Darling, what is the meaning of all these riddles? what are you trying to say?” her husband interrupted.
“Today,” Adaobi continued behaving as if she did not hear the question her husband asked.
“Today when Lady Emenike mentioned the name of the motherless home as Divine Sisters’ Home, I knew nemesis had caught up with me. I am not only guilty but also responsible for the abomination that had taken place this day. Nnenna my daughter please find a place in your heart to forgive me because I am responsible for your illness. Obinna forgive me too because I have hidden this secret from you all these years. Echidime, I know this mark, this birthmark on your left cheek. O God! How do I say this?” Echidime I – am – your Mother and Nnenna is your Sister!” Adaobi said weakly and slipped into unconsciousness again.
“WHAT!!!” shouted all of them.
Echidime had not gotten over the shock that his parents were not his real parents and now, his supposed mother-in-law was actully his mother and his beloved wife Nnenna-?
“O! My God!What!?” Echidime yelled as he rushed out of the hospital and entered his car. His foster parents rushed after him to stop him from driving under that condition. Before they could come down from the second floor of the hospital building, Echidime had sped off. A screeching sound was heard at the end of the street.
Nnenna cried and cried, “WHY? WHY?” she kept on asking rhetorically.
“And the pastor said that day that the Sins of the fathers shall be visited upon their children. O Mother!”
Nnenna was visibly,devastated by the recent happenings in her life. From where she was lying on the empty bed in the room, for she had been too weak to even sit down, Nnenna took a long look at the woman lying in the hospital bed- her mother- then she shifted her gaze at her father who was still holding his wife’s hand. She shook her head weakly and drifted into a long sleep.
The End..
Beware Parents….