I just couldn’t stop staring at him, his beautiful dreamy eyes set my heart racing, his lips begged me for a kiss and his raw rough masculinity was my definition of a cowboy, his husky voice scraped at my very soul. His hands were that of a man but his touch was soft and gentle.His skin smooth and shiny, as I watched him I was sure this was a son of a god sent down to earth to tease me, how is it possible that just one single man had the ability to be all this, this wasn’t Mr. right, this was Mr. Perfect. When he kissed me my bones melted and my shameless legs threatened to give up on me. His eyes could see through my soul and his smile was one I could wake up to every single day of my life, he was the man of my dreams, the most precious for me. It was so very amazing that I had such a magical imagination, and yet, it was very sad that my dream man was only to be seen on the cover of a novel.