My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8


We kissed for about thirty seconds before she broke the kiss and ran out of the hospital.

MIRACLE’s POV continues.

I was filled with what i could described as jealousy when stephanie was feeding idris kissing him at intervals. Like seriously, why is she acting good all of a sudden? Why she is behaving as the most nicest woman? What happened to the hard hearted stephanie.

I have to pretend to be busy with my phone when i was just looking blindly at the screen saver. After about thirty minutes of her foolish love play, she decided to call it a day.

We said our goodbye and went out. I entered inside my car but didn’t start the engine. When stephanie drove her car outside, i rush into the hospital and gave my Idris a very deep kiss. I was surprised he held my head and kissed me back.

From that moment, i was determined to have him all to myself and having him shall i fight for day and night.

That night, Stephanie didn’t go to her apartment. Instead she came to our father’s house. We entered inside the compound and parked our car.

Then we came out walking into our plush house or should i say my father’s plush and beautiful house.

Chief Sunday: miracle where did you go to?

Ma’am Nancy: why did you leave the house without telling anyone?

Chief Sunday: didn’t you see what happened to Stephanie, thank God idris was there to save her life. Tell me where are you coming from.

They bombarded me with questions while i just stood still unable to say a word.

Just then, Stephanie came to my rescue.

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Stephanie: mum, dad don’t scold her. She bought some food stuff and took it to idris by herself.

Ma’am Nancy: really?

Me: yes ma. Steph didn’t come back from work in time so i have to buy somethings and take it to him.

Chief Sunday: that’s very nice of you but when next you are about to do such things, please inform us and take some guards with you…

Me: yes sir.

My father was sitted in a three sitter couch with his favorite wine in front of him. The wine cost thousands and was transported to him in cartons monthly.

My mother was sitted in another couch in front of him. The sitting room was very big and Mr ibu film was playing on our Plasma Tv, the biggest one in vogue.

We were about to sit down when my mum told us to go and eat.

Mum: your food is on the dining table.

She said and we ran to the dining table like little girls. truth is, i have missed Stephanie alot but i am also crazy about Idris.

After eating rice and pepper soup filled with fish and meat. We were sitted in the sitting room drinking juice when i decided to initiate plan ONE.

Me: mum, dad and steph, i want to discuss something important with you all.

Chief Sunday: go on dear, we are all ears.

Me: its about Idris.
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