My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 47 Final


Chief Sunday: *now getting impatient* common boy, speak up. I don’t have all the time in the world.

He said to me. My mum, stephanie, her dad and mum were all confused including me. Miracle’s case was different, she was just smiling and winking at me.

I got close to stephanie, drew her up and took her to the middle of everyone. I put my hand into my pocket and removed a little box, I opened it and behold, in the middle of it lay a diamond ring.

Me: stephanie, will you marry me!!
Miracle: what!!!!!!

Stephanie: *crying* what took you so long.

She said, lifted me up and kissed me. Yes, I knew all the way that the fastest and most easiest way of stoping her trip to England is to propose to her.

After kissing, we hugged ourselves while the both of us were crying. Everybody was clapping their hands in joy except one, Miracle.

I guess the reason why stephanie is crying is because of happiness. Well, mine is totally different. I was crying because of two things. Happiness and pain. Happiness due to the fact that a mere boy like me will marry the most prettiest girl in this country and pain because, the diamond ring cost me everything I had, all the money I have in my bank account.

Miracle: *interrupting* what about your trip to England?

Stephanie: I know just the exact thing to do.

She said, picked up her phone and called her boss.

Stephanie: hello

Boss: *****

stephanie: yes, actually I won’t be going to England again for the movie about to be produced.

Boss: *****

Stephanie: because I will be busy preparing for my wedding with my fiancee.

Boss: *****

Stephanie: thanks alot for your understanding. Bye for now.

She said and ended the call. Then she turned to miracle.

Stephanie: my trip has been cancelled.

Miracle just shook her head and walked away in defeat as I smiled. My mum came to where I was and hugged me with tears in her eyes.

Mum: welldone my boy!

Chief Sunday: let us celebrate!

He said as the maids were bringing champagne.

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YEAR: 2016

I was in my house with alot of guys. Guess what, I am celebrating my ‘BACHELOR’S EVE’ with some of my guys. The day before which was Thursday was our traditional wedding.

The wedding was a success all thanks to chief Sunday who gave us alot of financial resources. Thank God, I have generated some money which I used to pay for her bride price.

Now today is Friday and am really happy because tomorrow Saturday, I will take her to the altar to say ‘I DO’.

I couldn’t find my favourite champagne in the fridge so I left the sitting room flooding with guys to search for manager Samuel. He was in the balcony talking to his babe.

Don’t be surprised I called him a manager. Many things have happened without your knowledge but the two amazing ones are, chief Sunday made Samuel a manager in his company and Samuel with miracle, make I never talk first. Love wantintin!!

Samuel: yes honey. I am with Idris celebrating his bachelor’s eve.

Miracle: ok, but am really missing you o.

Samuel: don’t worry. Tomorrow we shall meet during the wedding and I promised to do something great for you.

I smiled because he will propose to her during the reception. We have already mapped out the plan.

Miracle: really?

Samuel: yes.

Miracle: ok, bye for now. Love ya.

Samuel: love you too.

He said and switched of his phone. He turned and saw me..

Samuel: hey my man.

Me: wey my favourite champagne dey?

Samuel: lol, I know say na wetin you go talk. I keep for fridge inside your bedroom.

Me: *breathed down in relief*

Samuel: I wanna use this opportunity to thank you.

Me: for what?

Samuel: for linking me up with miracle.

I smiled. Yea, I was the master planner that made all that possible. If miracle is occupied with someone, then I will live a happy life with stephanie.

Getting Miracle to fall in love with Samuel was very easy. Samuel is a person everybody will love on first sight. He is handsome, clever and like me, very funny.

Me: what are friends for?

I said hugging him.

Samuel: common lets go inside and have fun. remember, today is your last day as a bachelor.

He said as he held me. His right hand over my neck and my left hand over his neck as we both walked inside together. Just like two little children who are going to their playing ground.

Written by: Mustapha Idris


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