My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 45



I was still busy admiring him when stephanie rushed inside and ran to Idris. She hugged him and the both of them kissed themselves right in front of me and my dad.

Me: *whispering* what a show off!

I said as I got out of the ward and made my way to my car. I saw a woman who was smiling running to the ward, I guess that should be his mum and a young boy like the same age with Idris following her from behind. I guess that is either his relative or friend.

I entered inside my car, started the engine and drove off. I couldn’t just get my mind off Idris. It seems that he was on my mind and the funniest thing is that the more I try forgetting about him, the more he kept appearing in my head.

I saw an eatery and decided to stop by to get something to eat, maybe that will clear my head.

I entered inside the eatery and made my way to an empty chair. A waiter quickly came to me..

Waiter: welcome to our eatery ma. what shall I offer you?

Me: I just need roasted chicken with one champagne to take it down.

Waiter: what type of champagne do you want ma.

Me: the best you have but it should be thirty percent alcohol.

Waiter: alright ma.

He said and minutes later, my food was served and I started eating.

Though I was very hungry, I was still playing with the food as only one person kept appearing in my mind.

I was still toying with the chicken and was sipping the champagne when someone got close to me and tapped me..

Me: *looked back* Kelly!!!!!!

I shouted as I jumped up and hugged her.

Me: babe, long time no see oo.
Meet Kelly. A tall, not too tall but very beautiful babe. We were friends back then in university. The best description for Kelly is “BEAUTY WITHOUT BRIAN” though she is very beautiful, she is also very dump. I always wonder how she made it through the university. Well they were rumors that she was sleeping with her lectures to make her papers.
Kelly: *sitting in front of me* Mira the Mira. Our genius and master planner, what’s up?

Me: babe I dey oo. This one wey you dey shine like this enh?

Kelly: forget about that Joor. You are not looking bad yourself. So why are you looking dull? Have been observing you since you entered inside this restaurant.

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Me: *trying to lie* nothing oo.

Kelly: abeg tell me jare. Shey na because of bobo (that’s our way of calling guy) you dey vex?

D–n, that’s one thing I love about this girl. Though she isn’t intelligent but she is very smart. That’s one of the pillar holding our friendship up till this day, her smartness.

Me: ok, ok.

Kelly: oya tell me sharp sharp.

Me: *I told her all about Idris*

Kelly: *after listening* girl you be ode. You be mumu.

Me: how?

Kelly: I even think say na better thing self.

Me: were you not the one that said I should tell you.

Kelly: yes but use your brain girl. If you really love him why killing yourself? Just snatch him away from your sister.

Me: what!!!!!!

Kelly: yes oo. Look at me, I am looking fresh because of my decision. My husband is the owner of this restaurant with many other big eateries in town. He was suppose to marry my cousin but I was very wise to snatch him away, now who is benefiting from it.

Me: wow. But I have all the money I need. Can’t I get another guy for peace to reign?

Kelly: you have all the money but can it but true love. Your heart is beating for someone and no amount of money can change that. Be wise or end up with the wrong guy.

She said standing up.

Kelly: have got to go now, I have some withdrawals to make. here is my card. Make sure you call me lets hang out sometime. Goodbye!

She said and left as her words sank deep into me. Maybe she is right all the way. Just maybe Idris is meant for me. I must get Idris to myself after all, this life is everyone to his own self.
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