My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 41


I stood still waiting for her to talk.

Miracle: hello James.

James: **********

Miracle: I am in her house.

James: **********

Miracle: no na. Haba, am I not the one that arranged everything for you?

James: **********

Miracle: don’t be scared, she went to work.

James: **********

Miracle: Genius indeed. After you get married to stephanie I will also marry Idris sharply sharply.

James: **********

Miracle: that’s because I am pregnant for him and I don’t want to have a child out of wedlock. Moreover, my tummy have started to shoot out.

I started to shake as soon as my sister said that, could it be that Ruth was right all along?

James: **********

Miracle: hahahaha, that’s the ultimate weapon I was telling you about.

James: **********

Miracle: no, we had s-x the night I drugged him and made that video we sent to Steph.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. What am I going to do? Jesus Christ!! What has gotten into Miracle my little sister.

Why am I even calling her my little sister? Do I even know her at all.

I wanted to barge inside there and kill her with my bare hands, I wanted to call Idris and tell him everything, I wanted to find James and also kill him and I wanted to tell my family everything all at once.

I was so confused, which one should I do first? Killing James or telling Idris or my family or strangling Miracle to death. Which one shall I do first?

Then an Idea got into my head. I sneaked out of my house, got inside my car and drove off to my father’s house.

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I entered inside my father’s house with an alarming speed that my dad, mum and James parents got frightened. Thank God they are all home.

Me: where is James!!

I shouted to no one in particular.

Mr Watson: he is upstairs.

Me: very good.

I brought out my handset and called miracle.

Me: meet me in daddy’s house right now.

Miracle: I hope nothing is….

Me: just meet me here and stop saying all that s–t. I want you here right now!!

I shouted and ended the call. Then I dialed my beloved Idris.

Me: Idris my love.

I said as he immediately picked his call.

Idris: this one you are calling me your love hope all is well?

Me: sorry I pursued you out of my house. It turns out you were right all along. Please come to my dad’s house.

Idris: why!!

He said a little bit scared.

Me: because things are about to unravel itself.

I said and ended the call.

Chief Sunday: what are you doing steph?

My dad asked looking confused. My mum and James parents were also confused.

Me: don’t worry dad, time will tell.
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3O minutes later,

Miracle walked inside the house. It hadn’t been up to two minutes she entered that Idris also entered inside.

I stood up and locked all the doors leading outside to our compound and kept the keys in the pocket of my jacket.

Then I called James and he came out. With everyone sitting inside the house. I got to the kitchen to get a sharp knife before returning back to the sitting room.

Chief Sunday: what are you doing?

He shouted but got no reply. I brought out the koboko (horse whip) I bought when coming here and turned to Miracle.

Me: this is going to be very short. I want you to confess all your evil deeds right infront of mum and dad!
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