My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 32


Since we ate that food together, Stephanie has been very close to me. I never knew that all it takes to bring her down was just to be romantic.

We now spend more time together, do things together and everything is going on smoothly between us. Thanks to Miracle, there is no more Idris to put us asunder.

Very soon, I am going to let the cat out of the bag. Oh yea, I am going to propose to Stephanie and I know she won’t say no to me. Oh God, thank you very much.

Since my encounter with Idris’s mum, I was very heart broken. Hearing that Idris was going to take another wife didn’t go well with me..

I needed somebody to lean on and thank goodness, James was there. For the past one week, James have been there for me and I appreciate it because it made me think less about Idris and his mum or I would have develop a BP.

The problem now is, I have been observing James and from his body language, he thinks I want to date him.

Gosh, how can I date him when my heart belongs to another? It is simply impossible. I just pray he understands that what is going on between us is simply friendship and nothing more.

This past week has been very cool for all of us. I observed that James and Stephanie were getting closer to each other as the day goes by likewise Idris and me.

I have successfully secured a Job for Idris in a hotel as a receptionist and he is doing fine with the job. I also rented my own apartment that is very close to where Idris was staying which gives me more opportunity and time in visiting him.

The best part of it all was that Idris mum was in support of me. who knows maybe someday, we can get married.

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For the past one week, I haven’t heard from Stephanie and it pains me alot.

She didn’t visit me in cell and now that I am set free, she didn’t also visit me. Several times, I have asked Samuel if she came to our house but Samuel’s reply was always negative.

As for my mum, she has gone back to the village not after advising me to stay clear from stephanie. Surprisingly, she always like Miracle. To her Miracle was an angel, a God sent to be there for me.

Truth is, I have develop this great likeness for miracle. She secured a job for me and often visit me unlike her sister who did not give a d–n.

I have also studied her and maybe, just maybe she wants me to court her but that is going to be impossible. If I court her, then it will look as if I am a gold digger who is jumping from one sister to another in other to get money from the family and moreover, my heart still belongs to Stephanie and no other. But I can’t deny it, I truly like Miracle for the kind of person she is, so kind hearted and spirited.

One day when I was at work *in a hotel as a receptionist* something tremendous happened. It so happened that I was on night shift because last week, I worked during day time so this week am going to work at night.

An Alhaji wanted to book a room where he would spend time f—–g the three girls he brought with him. I have given him the keys and everything. He has also paid and I never knew what made me to look at the faces of the girls he brought with him.

Behold, the same Ruth that caused all this trouble was with the same Alhaji. She was busy romancing him and didn’t notice me.

After collecting the keys, they all went upstairs to enjoy themselves.

Me: d–n, I serious need to think fast and device a plan to catch that girl. Who knows, she might know many things that could turn our situation back to normal.

I said cracking my brain for any Idea to come.
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