My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 22



I knew that she won’t take the news lightly that’s why I decided to come to her place and yea, it was a perfect timing. She was busy crying and I did my best to console her. She kept crying before she stormed out of the room.

Just then, she came inside and started putting her clothes in her bag.

Me: steph, where are you going?

Steph: *silent*

Me: baby please talk to me. Where are you going?

Stephanie: back to Nigeria.

Was all she could say. I stood up and left her place since she was not ready to talk. I quickly made a few calls and my flight to Nigeria was also fixed.

Me: get ready, we are on our way to Nigeria.

I said immediately Miracle picked up her phone.

Miracle: what? I know that she must be very angry now.

James: angry is an understatement. I just called to inform you, you know what next to do.

Miracle: yea and I will see to it.


Time for my flight is almost due. I took a cab to the airport and seeing James there made me surprised.

Me: James, what are you doing here?

James: about to fly down to Nigeria.

Me: for what?

James: I know you are angry and I equally know you are heart broken and a good company is what you need.

Me: wait, heart broken? Who told you I am heart broken?

I asked and before he could speak, a female voice spoke out through some hidden speakers informing all passengers going to Nigeria to board the plane.

I have many thoughts occupying my mind as I walked to the plane with James following me from behind. I equally forgot about James as I entered inside the plane. Could it be that Idris is cheating on me?



Wow, if stephanie is on her way here then I need to execute my final plan.

Just then, Ruth came inside our house. She was and still is a runs girl. I knew her way back then in school and she still haven’t change.

Ruth: Miracle, Miracle. How far?

Me: cool, I need your help and I am ready to pay you a hundred and fifty thousand naira. Deal or no deal?

Ruth: Deal

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I was inside my house watching ‘Hercules’ season film when I heard a knock on the door.

Me: come in,

A half naked girl ran inside the room crying. she was wearing a short bum short and bra, no shirt infact.

Me: what’s the matter?

I asked panicked but she didn’t answer neither did she kept quiet. She was still crying.

Me: what’s the matter na?

I asked again.

Girl: My name is Ruth.

Me: ok Ruth, why are you crying and why did you come to my house half naked?

Ruth: my boyfriend is beating me. Right now he chased me out of the house with a knife. Please don’t chase me out of your house or he will kill me..

D–n, If there is anything I hate like mad is a man who beats women. Seriously, those men are cowards. If you are strong why don’t you go and fight John cena or Ryback. Why hurting an innocent soul.

Me: ok, let me get you some clothes to cover yourself.

Ruth: no, I am fine like this. I will soon be going home.

Me: no I insist on you wearing descent clothes.

I said as I walked to my room and came back with a big cloth that will cover her properly.

She took the cloth from me and wore it, then we sat down and continued watching the film.

Every now and then, she will check the window and if I asked her why? She will say she is looking if her boyfriend is still lurking around.

Just then a car horned and stop in front of my house. She ran and checked it. As usual, she came back but this time, it was different.

She was totally naked, I mean no pant or bra but two scullent b—-t and a well shaved p—y.

Before I could say Jack, she pinned me to the chair and was kissing me. Before my brain could process what was happening, the door flung open and my angel walked in, my own Stephanie walked inside.
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