My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 21



I really appreciated the time I spent with James. He was truly caring but yet, he won’t take my heart as it already belongs to another.

When James left, I tried calling Idris line but he didn’t pick up. I remember vividly well that I called severally and yet, he wasn’t picking. When my calls were too much, he switched off his phone.

Me: hmm, this is strange. Why is he not picking his calls. Its unlike him.

I decided to catch some sleep. I never knew how long I slept but what made me to wake up was the ringing tone of my phone.

Me: mtcheeew, Its now he is calling. He better have a reasonable explanation for all these.

I said carrying my phone but was disappointed when I saw that it was just a message, a whatsapp message from an unknown number.

When i opened the message, I saw videos but nothing written attached to it.

Me: what’s this rubbish na. I thought its even something better.

I said as I flung my phone to God knows where.

Me: but wait oo, it won’t kill if I open the video and see its content.

I said as I walked to where I threw the phone, I picked it and open the videos.

At first, I saw Idris lying on a bed. My heart skipped at the thought of someone using him for rituals.

Then the video stopped and played immediately as an unknown girl backing the camera came and removed his clothes also removing hers, the next thing I saw almost made me faint.

I threw my phone and it scattered into little pieces as I fell down and began to cry. I was the fool here. I shouldn’t have left him. I shouldn’t have listened to him. My body and spirit was against my leaving. I knew someone might take my place if I left. I am truly the one to be blamed for everything.

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Me: Its all my fault, I should not have left him. Oh God, why me. Why did you send Idris to my life as an angel only for him to break my heart the second time. What have i done? Oh God, is it a crime that you made me a girl? Is it a crime to be beautiful? Why am I so unlucky? Why are so many girls unlucky in the hands of guys? Why am i so unlucky. First it was my virginity and now this. Oh God, just take my life and end this right now.

I said as more tears were rolling from my eyes. Just then, James came inside. What is he doing here? I asked myself but my head, brain and mind was under unbearable pains to come up with an answer to that.

James: what’s wrong steph?

He said but didn’t get any reply. The more he tried consoling me, the more tears were flowing from my eyes. Soon, I began to feel a strong headache and the tiled floor was covered with tears, tears of betrayal.

Just then a thought flashed my mind. Am i not the great Stephanie who feared no one? Am I not the one that deal with others? Why have I grown so weak? Its time to step up, its time to fight fire with fire.

With that, I jumped up and picked James phone and he was surprised by my action.

Me: hello!

I said after dialling a number

voice: *************

Me: I want the next available flight back to Nigeria.

Voice: *************

Me: Stephanie ugochi Sunday.

Voice: *************

Me: shut the f–k up and prepare my flight Asap.

I shouted and flung his phone. Thank God he caught it. Then i stormed out of the house to meet the producer and director of the movie. For me, it was the end of my contract. Nigeria is where I am needed!
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