My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 14



My dad called me and congratulated me for getting a contract that worth millions. Immediately he dropped the call, my mother also called. Wow, at this point, i can’t revise the contract.

I was so weak because of the news that i have to sleep in Idris apartment. Could i call that sleep? I was awake all through the night thinking of what will happen if i leave my Idris for about five months. Well, there is nothing to be afraid of since he has already given me his promise.

The next day, i went home and changed my clothes before heading straight to the office where me and the rest of the crew was briefed about our journey ahead.

>>>>>>>FAST FORWARD<<<<<<<

My daddy took me to the airport where the crew was waiting for me with Idris inside the vehicle. My mother and miracle were at home.

My mum was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because my career is proven more successful and sad because she won’t see me for up to five months.

Miracle was all smiles. Funny, i thought my Miracle would have been crying for me but now, she cared less. Hmm, she is now a big girl.

We got to the airport and our plane was ready to leave.

Idris: common my sweet heart, stop crying.

Me: how can i stop crying when it is obvious that we are not going to see each other for five months.

Idris: haba na, there is skype, imo and…….

Me: *interrupting* please baby, just wait for me. I promise to be back.

Idris: and i will humbly wait for my angel. He said and gave me a long wet kiss.

Chief Sunday: time up. Your flight is ready.

My dad said breaking our kiss as i took my things, turned back and looked at him before moving to the plane with tears in my eyes.


I know that i just pretended to be strong when deep down, i can’t stay a day without her. Immediately she left me, tears started pouring out of my eyes. I stayed transfixed in the same spot she left me until i could see the plane no more.

Chief Sunday: *tapping me on my shoulder* be a man son. I really cheerish and admire the love between you too. She is going to be back. You just have to wait for her that’s all.

Me: i will sir, i will.

We left the airport but i must confess, that day was one of the worst day in my life as i was feeling as if a part of my body is missing.
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I was getting used to this loneliness little by little. Also, Miracle kept her distance away from me, it was like she no longer exist. Me and stephanie spend most of our time chatting, doing video calls and calling each other. Wow, i truly love her.

Same day.
Time check-8:30pm
*Door bell rings*

Me: ah ah, who could be this one coming to my house at this ungodly hour?

I asked as i open the door and received the shocker of my life.
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