My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 9


Police custody

Police 1: why did you kidnapped idris?

Police 2: what did you people do to him when you took him?

They asked Bros. His face was swollen as a result of excess torture. He was bleeding all over his body. He couldn’t see well and his joints ache badly.

If there is something he is not going to do in this life is to admit to something he didn’t do.

Bros: *weakly* i didn’t do anything to him. He came to my house by himself.

Police 3: how can a man who is sick and bones broken came to your house?

Police 2: why didn’t he come back with his legs the next morning?

Bros: *weakly with eyes closed* i am telling you the truth

Police 1: *visibly annoyed* i can see that you are a hardened criminal. Sergeant Ayuba!!!

Police 2: Sir!!!

Police 1: take him to his cell and oder your boys to deal with him till he is ready to speak out the truth.

Police 2: yes sir!!!!
Port Harcourt
Same day

Stephanie came into her father’s compound and parked her BMW. She knew what her father will say but nothing he say will change her.

Stephanie: *removing some naira notes from her bag* hey you!!!

Guard: yes ma.

He came running towards her

stephanie: take this *giving him money* buy fuel and fill my tank

Guard: yes ma….
She entered the sitting room and saw her dad, mum and little sister miracle sitting down without a smile on their face.

Chief Sunday: miracle can you go to your room!

Miracle: *still sitting down*

chief Sunday: *shouted* i said go to your room.

She jumped out of the chair and ran to her room. Her dad was very angry and the last thing she wanted was to provoke him.

She listened attentively to their discussions from her room. Her dad, a no nonsense man was busy shouting at her big sis stephanie. Her mother, a quiet and calm woman did her best to settle the issue amicably.

She kept listening to her dad shouting and abusing the living day light out of her sister. She slowly moved to her bed with tears in her eyes.

Is this stephanie? She asked herself. Oh no, this is not the sister she once know. Her sister stephanie was loving, cheering and nice to everyone. Back then, their bond was strong. They both went to places together and everybody loved the both of them.

What has now happened to stephanie? She was her dad’s favourite. He did call her different names like my ada, my ugochi and so much more. What has happened to her?She thought as she cried the more.
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Stephanie barged into her room crying. Her dad was still in the sitting room insulting her while her mum was trying her best to solve the issue.

She hated it when her dad complained about her. She just wished she could change but she couldn’t. If only her dad knows.
She wondered and covered her head with a pillow. More tears were coming out from her eyes as she remembered the event that once changed her into this monster

Stephanie: hahaha.. Ok what do you wished for..

She asked her sister miracle. They were both sitting down in the garden playing and enjoying their time together.

Some hours back, they took their father’s money, went out to the street and were giving beggars.

Their father knew this but he pretended as if he doesn’t know. He always love it when his children show love and care towards others just like him and so far, they have been doing a wonderful job.

Miracle: i wish to be barbie what of you…

Stephanie: hahaha, same here

she said laughing but that was not her wish. Her wish was to get married to a wonderful, young, intelligent, devoted and caring young man.

She smiled at her fantasy. One thing she knows for sure is that her prince charming would be the one to take her VIRGINITY, her PRIDE as a woman. She has made a vow to God and her mother that nothing will ever make her indulged into pre marital s-x

As she was playing with miracle. A text message came in from Felix. The cutest boy in her class and her crush. She loved him dearly and he was her first love at the age of 15.

She smiled, stood up pecked miracle on her fore head.

Stephanie: i am coming back my angel.

She said and left.
Felix: she don dey come, oya make una hide.

He said hiding his three friends.

What do they have in mind?
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