My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 16 FINAL 


I nodded and then she said, ‘I know; I always thought you and Stanley were meant for each other but now, I don’t know. I loved you two together and I pray he changes his mind and takes you back. Don’t worry; cheer up because you are still my daughter in-law.’
I smiled and left afterwards feeling better. At least his mom was on my side so I had hopes that we would come back together. When I got home that evening, I got a message from the girls. They were all mad and asked why I didn’t tell them about the pregnancy and why I didn’t tell them when I found out about Miley and Jide. I didn’t mind them. I just deleted the messages and blocked their numbers. They were the reason why things had gone so bad for me and I wasn’t going to entertain them anymore.

Right after, I called Rabby and told her about Stanley and asked her to help me win him back since she was still friends with him. She told me she would do all she could and I thanked her for that. Jide tried calling me using a different number and when I answered the call and found out it was him, I cut the call. I had already blocked his number and blocked the new one too; he didn’t deserve another chance and I promised to have nothing to do with him ever again.

The next day, before my mom left for work, she passed by my room and told me she hoped I had learnt a lesson from everything that had happened. Then, she told me to not entertain anyone like the girls and take my studies seriously the next semester. Then, she asked me to take a break from relationships and focus on my studies. And asked me to cherish my friendship with Rabby and the last thing she said was that, though she had every reason to lose her trust in me, she was giving me one last chance and that if I ever lied to her, she would never trust me again. 
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I was grateful for the chance she was giving me and I promised to never let her down. She hugged me and left for work after. Later that day, I tried calling Stanley but couldn’t reach him. I waited for thirty minutes and I called him again. This time, it went through but it wasn’t him on the other line. It was a girl; and I asked to speak to him so she asked me to hold on and said he was in the wash room so he would call me back. That cut so deep in my heart and it hurt.

The girl was already picking his calls and I couldn’t believe it. I almost gave up but after thinking it through I said “no.” I had to fight for my love and I wasn’t going to let something as little as that, stop me. Stanley called ten minutes later and I said, ‘Stan, how are you doing?’

‘Bola, I’m good. You?’

‘I’m great. But when did you stop calling me Pearl? I miss that.’

‘Oh yeah! Okay, Pearl.’

‘Nice, I’m guessing the girl I spoke to is your girlfriend.’

‘Yeah she is. Did you want to tell me anything?’

‘No, I was just checking up on a friend. You still mean a lot to me Stan. Have a nice day!’

‘You too!’

When the call ended, I felt glad that he had spoken to me and I felt like there was a chance for us. I sat on my bed and I fantasized about what would cause us to come back together. I imagined me calling him all time and me visiting him often. And I imagined him spending less time with his girlfriend because of that and as a result she would think he still had feelings for me. She would keep nagging anytime they met and ask him to stop seeing me but he wouldn’t and in the end, she would ask for a break up. After they break up, I would spend more time with him, and just like how we started dating the previous year, he would realize he still has feelings for me and we would end up making out and the next thing we know we would be together. 

That was perfect and I was so excited as I thought that was exactly what was going to happen. That Sunday at church, I went early and I sat next to Stanley. I tried initiating a conversation right after church but he cut me off and told me he had to leave. That wasn’t what I had planned but then it didn’t stop me. The subsequent days saw me reaching out to Stanley. He was indifferent towards me and on one occasion, he told me point blank that he knew what I was doing and that wasn’t  going to work. He asked me to stop stalking him on social media and asked me to stop calling him every single day. He said I was becoming a nuisance; that was supposed to make me stay away but it didn’t. I was determined to win him back and nothing was going to stop me. You can call me desperate; but I don’t care. Stanley was the love of my life and every single effort I made to win him back was absolutely worth it.  

I didn’t care how long it would take to win him back. And as I type I’m still waiting. Stanley is still with her and I keep praying to God to cause them to break up. I’m looking forward to the day they finally get tired of each other but until then, I’m going to keep reaching out to him. I love Stanley and will forever love him. He will always be my best friend and the love of my life.
Story by Mary Fafali Awudi


  1. Dis story tells us to appreciate whatever we have Bola was lucky to have gotten her friend Tabby back but it was unfortunate she didn’t get Stanley back. We have to be careful with the kind of friends we choose. I have really learnt a lot u cnt trust every body …

  2. I really enjoyed story it tells us to appreciate whatever we have, nt to trust everybody nd to be careful with the kind of friends we move with.