My Best Friend, My Love PROLOGUE


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I happily strolled to my best friends house that evening,I couldn’t wait to tell him I had gotten myself a boyfriend!. not just any guy but a cute one i have been dying and praying to get.
My name is Bola Asantewaa, am the only child of a single mother,I lost my dad at a very tender age but not withstanding we aren’t poor,my dad was very wealthy before he passed on.
Mummy is Stanley at home? I asked my best friend’s mum happily after exchanging pleasantries.
Our wife,your husband is in his room. That was what everyone called us,even though we had nothing more than friendship.
.I happily ran to his room where he was so engrossed with what he was doing (playing ps2).I took the remote and put it off,Stan was used to that part of me,I always did that whenever I wanted his full attention.
Pearl,you are at it again abi? what’s this time?
that was what he called me,PEARL.He felt my name Asantewaa is too local for his liking.
I have a boyfriend I said with excitement .For some moment I felt his jaw drop at what I said.I went ahead telling him how happy I was, he hugged me and wished me well.I could still remember his statement that day
Tell Jide if he breaks your heart,I will break his head.I laughed my ribs out.He was just so overprotective of me.
Stanley isn’t that attractive but his very caring,his heart is that of a priceless gold,God fearing and intelligent. He was a book warm,it like he lived for his book ,he had no or little fashion sense unlike my Jide.
My relationship with jide blossomed on daily basis,I loved everything about him,he was every girls dream man.He had interest in everything that concerned me.His love for me was something to write about,he wasn’t against the fact of waiting till wedding night. In fact he even encouraged me which made me love him more.But everything changed when he gained admission, his calls reduced drastically.I did the calling and never complained because I loved him too much. I even sent him recharge card whenever he had financial issues. But it all came crashing one night when I logged into my Facebook account and saw his message.
“Thank you for your love and care, I will forever be grateful, lets hold God tightly am sorry Bisi am out”.
My world came crumbling before me,I was shattered. I cried my eyes out.My relationship with my best friend wasn’t like before since I started dating jide,after all Jide was more than caring. But not withstanding he was there for me, I leaned on him for support. He filled the vacuum jide left.Before I forget jide never told me the reason behind our breakup, I know he wasn’t the cheating type. One thing I was sure of was that he turned to a religious guy,everything about him was church.which got me thinking is having a boyfriend a sin?.
I vowed within me never to love again but I was wrong. I fell for my best friend irresistibly, I tried countless time to kill it but it never worked. Stanley was also a victim of failed relationship he had in the past which made him vow never to love again. But what we aren’t sure of is if we can suppress our feelings for each other forever since we are both scared to date.