Murder Case Episode 8



Sani was furious. He had just been played again. Just then, jimmy’s line rang.

“Jimmy nwachukwu” jimmy said as he picked the call.

“Sir, the call is for you” he said and gave sani the phone.

“Did you enjoy the ghost chase?” the voice from the other end asked. Sani used his hand to cover the mouthpiece, he then spoke to Jimmy.

“Trace the call”

“Better trace the call fast” the voice said.

“cos in less than five seconds, all your communication network is going down”

“what are you talking about? You know were are going to….. Boooooooom!!!!!” sani was still saying when they heard a loud bang in the building. The line went dead, all their computer screen became blank, their land lines were disconnected, Power was disrupted. Just then sani’s cell rang, he picked it up.

“You know i thought of killing you” the caller said.

“But that would be waste of cemetery space. And oh, its nothing personal” the line went dead.


Attah’s prayer had just been answered. He could literally evisage the end of the invisible quartet. More like God just chose him to be the recepient of his ‘blessing of the year’.

Bringing down the invisible quartet has been Attah’s dream from time immemorial. They were the group responsible for sending him to prison which had temporary put to halt his quest to end them. Even as he had planned on using Jacobs to realize his dreams, he didn’t have an elaborate plan on how to stop them.

For instance, he only knows their operations and their victims when he sees one but he didn’t know were to locate them. The arrival of this guy from nowhere has just given him someone to direct all his questions to. Yes he had questions, questions like why they were called invisible quartet even though they were supposed to be five.

The workshop break didn’t come as soon as he had expected. It was like the invisible quartet where planning to stop his meeting with this ‘all-knowing being’. Prisons in nigeria had workshops where the prisoners learnt all sorts of hand work so that they would be self dependent when they finally leave the prison. Some people learnt capentary, others learnt welding and so on.

After waiting for like eternity, the time to go to workshop finally came and all the prisoners were led out of their prison to the workshop under the supervision of heavily armed soldiers.

Before leaving, the guy still came to remind Attah of their meeting. Attah wasn’t comfortable with the Way the guy was taking it personal but he thought maybe the guy was also eager to bring down the invisible quartet.

In the workshop the guy kept looking at Attah which made Jacobs uncomfortable but he just did as if he didn’t notice.

Attah and Jacobs didn’t discuss about the invisible quartet again since the guy showed up. Perhaps, Attah thought he had gotten someone to help him bring down the group so he might not be needing Jacobs’ help.

All of a sudden, the guy stopped working and walked towards attah. He whispered to him

“Meet me in the toilet” and started going.

“Hey there!! Where you dey go?” a soldierman asked.

“I wan go piss” he said and continued going. Attah waited for some few minutes before joining the guy.

“What took you so long?” the guy asked, looking around to see if there was any other person.

“i had to wade off suspicion” Attah replied.

“Good” the guy replied with his hand behind him. He was holding a knife.


It has been six hours since the attack on NATU but the effect was still on. The whole communication hub had been burnt down due to the explosive, the transformer was also blown. The governor had been trying to reach them but he couldn’t reach them on official lines so he called Sani’s cell. He blasted the coorperation for failing to nab the terrorist, this time he threatened fire and brimstone.

Immediately after the call, Sani put a call across to the nigerian army to search for a certain Lieutenant Bala Usman but he was told that they was Nobody with that name..

“I give up!!” he shouted and went back to his office.


Dr. Amos was busy in his office. He had been queried by his employer for missing an important surgery. He tried to explain the situation to the man but he didn’t listen. He was allowed to work on probation.

Someone walked into his office and he looked up.

“Brother Amos, always busy” the person said.

“Hey joe, watsup” Dr. Amos replied.

Joe was his immediate younger brother, he was still in the university but due to the ASUU strike, he was at home. Amos had wondered why some group of men that called themselves intellects would keep students at home for over five months. He decided he was going to send his brother to south africa while the strike lasts. He had wanted to tell him but he decided to make it a suprise. He would tell his brother on his birthday which comes up the next week.

“I’m fine bro, guess what?”

“Joe, if you came for guesses you might wanna reconsider your stay am very busy” Amos repied

“remember Janet? The girl i’v been asking out for close to a year now”

“what about her?” Amos asked unconcerned.

“She just agreed to go out on a date with me” Joe shouted with smiles on his face.

“That’s good. So you wanted to ask me of the best joint in town for first date?” Amos asked

“No na, i just want to use your car. I wanna blow her mind” Joe replied.

Amos thought about all the things his car had passed through. His mechanic had returned the car not too long, after spending Hours in traffic.

“Thats the key” Amos pointed at his desk

“If my car gets as much as a scratch, you will get me a new one” Amos warned.

“No problem” Joe said and sprang out of the office. He came back later and picked up the key which he had forgotten due to excitement.

“Children of nowadays, when i was in the university, i and my date would always trekk to the venue of our date” Amos spoke to himself.

He began to remember his days in the university, he could give anything just to have those days back. He was still in his thoughts when he heared a loud bang. He looked through the window and he saw a thick smoke in the direction of the parking lot. He decided to go and check it out.

On arrival, he saw people running away from the place.

“What is it?” he asked someone

“It was a bomb,it was planted inside a car” the person replied and continued running. Amos went towards the place, he recognised the plate number.
It was his car!!!


Hours after the explosion, NATU team arrived the scene. They would have showed up earlier but there was no way of reaching them. Someone actually went physically to NATU to report the bomb incident because NATU were the agency poised with the responsibility of investigating all terrorist attacks.

The nigerian police and soldier officers were already at the scene before the arrival of NATU. The NATU team was led by Agent Musa who was just coming back from maiduguri.

They quickly marked out the area of the attack.

Earlier, Amos had wanted to go into the fire to find his brother but he was held. Fire brigade then came few minutes Later and battled with the fire.

Amos stood there watching with tears in his eyes as body parts of his brother who was blown into pieces was put into a polythene bag.


Amaka’s phone rang and when she saw the caller, she excused herself to pick the call.

“Hello Amaka, i just heard of the bomb attack on your hospital in the news” paul said from the other end.

“What did you do? Thought we agreed that Dr. Amos and his property should be left out of this? Amaka asked.

“Yes, but i changed my mind. I noticed how emotionally attached you were to the doctor so i had to do something before it jeopardizes the operation” paul replied.

“What are you talking about, were you not the one that told me to get closer to the doctor?” Amaka asked.

“yes but i changed my mind, and that is final.” paul changed his tone.

“so tell me, did they find his remains” he asked.

“No, he was blown into pieces” Amaka replied.

“Good, time to move on to the final phase” paul said.

“and what is the final phase?” Amaka asked.

“It’s classified” paul replied her.

“I thought we agreed that i would be carried along? Look i didn’t sign up to kill innocent people…” Amaka was trying to say something but paul ended the call. She sighed and turned back only to see agent musa standing behind her and looking straight into her eyes, he wasn’t smiling.


  1. really sad!!! May Joe’s soul rest in peace. Amaka is a wicked and greedy woman. i pray Attah will be able to fight this guy. I was happy someone was going to help them expose the so-called invisible quartet not knowing he is one of them. Its getting interesting.

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