Murder Case Episode 11 Final



Paul saw his shadow, he was coming towards him. He braced himself for the inevitable and held his breathe.

The policeman suddenly passed where paul was without seeing him.

Immediately he passed, paul grabbed him on the neck. The policeman was struggling, there was no way he could turn his long gun and shoot paul and there was no way he could shout because paul held his neck so tight. He struggled till he gave up. Paul dragged him to one corner, removed the policeman’s uniform and wore.

“This will facilitate my escape” he said.


Paul walked out of the room, after dressing like the policeman and collecting his gun and walkie talkie. He came out slowly as if searching for a criminal.

He looked round and he saw that nobody was looking at him, all the other security men were looking for a guy with a white long sleeve and blue jean, nobody came to look for a policeman.

He used the opportunity to move towards the back exit. He knew the wharehouse very well, he had studied his environment before coming for the operation.

“oboy where you dey go” a policeman whispered to him.

“I wan block the back door” he whispered back to him.

“Back door dey? make we go block there na” the policeman replied. He was trying to leave the area where he thought they would be gun battle. As far as he was concerned, he was leaving the danger zone, little did he know that he was with the devil himself.

“i never see this your face before o” The policeman said when they had successfully reached outside after series of stopping and looking around
“ehm, na C division i from, dem call us make we come back una up” paul replied him.

The guy was still asking paul some questions. Paul who was now getting fed up, silently brought out his silencer and shot the policeman.

He looked round and noticed that nobody was watching him so he quickly faced a lonely bush path.

Musa who was scouting the sorrounding, saw a policeman running to the bush path. He immediately knew something was wrong. He wanted to alert the other members of The security team but he had a feeling they was a mole in the security team. How else did paul escape and how did he gain entrance into the hospital.

He couldn’t call Jimmy for backup because there where also in another operation. He quickly brought out his phone and called Dr.Amos.

“I have visuals on paul, I’m currently in pursuit, he is headed for the bushy path that leads to ‘Jesus is lord chapel” musa informed him.

Amos was shocked, he didn’t know why musa was giving him the information but one thing was sure, he wanted to personally kill paul.

Amos was just coming out of Jacobs’ house were he went to find his gun.
He had no car with him and there was no way he was going there in time without a car.

He studied his environment and saw a car parked by the street. He sighed and walked to the car. He used his hand to break the glass before opening it from inside.

He practise what he had seen in a hollywood movie,he destroyed the ignition, removed two wires and joined them. The car roared to life, he smiled and then moved the car, the car slowly backwards so he could turn properly. Just then, the owner of the car came out and started shouting

“Thief thief thief”

Amos knew what it meant to be caught so he stepped on the gear and sped off

The back up team had arrived and Jimmy was still searching every corner of the room but didn’t find any sign of the invisible quartet. He knew there was no way they could escape since the room was covered all round. He looked down And saw a corner with the tile slightly displaced. He went and studied it before raising it. Lo and behold, there was a large room underground. They all entered the underground room but they noticed the lights were on.

The underground room was very large with iron pillars all over the place. It was empty but they was a large metal that separated that room from another one behind

All of a sudden, the lights went off. They were still wondering what was happening when the invisible quartet came out of hiding and opened fire on them.

They were taken unawares as some of them were hit by the bullet. They ran and used the iron pillars as shield, they hid behind the irons. Some of them where still looking for where to hide when the lights came on again. Those of them in the open where shut outrightly, the lights went off again.

Jimmy started understanding their pattern of attack. He waited for the lights to come on again. Few seconds later, the lights came on but there was no gunshot because nobody was in the open. He knew they had come out so he quickly rushed out and sprayed bullets. His bullets shot one of them but he was also unlucky because he was hit by a bullet on his arm.

He quickly hid again while holding his arm. Other members of his squad got angry as they all came out of hiding and started firing their guns which made the invisible quartet to retreat.

NATU squad started moving forward in a straight file while firing their guns.

Agent white of the invisible quartet hid and Was watching them as they were advancing. They got to a point and white pressed a botton from a remote control he had in his hand. The tile on that part where the NATU agents stood was computerized. Immediately white pressed the botton, the tiles automatically opened inwardly and all the agents fell into a large pit that had been dug there. Inside the pit was a large drum filled with concentrated acid.

Jimmy rushed in anger with his gun, shooting sporadically. The two remaining ‘invisible quartets’ ran to the next room but jimmy didn’t stop. He followed them and immediatelly he entered, the two men who had hidden behind a drum opened fire on him, the bullets hit him on the chest.

“We are hiding behind a drum of petrol” White warned his other agent. They quickly made to leave but they were too late, Jimmy who had already fell to the ground used his last breathe to shoot his gun. The bullet hit the drum and it exploded, consuming the two agents in the process.

Jimmy breathe his last breathe with fufillment and gave up.


Musa followed paul to the bush path, he had been walking for 15minutes in the bush. Paul being a trained soldier officer had used his soldier experience to hide perfectly in the bush.

Immediatelly musa passed where he was, he came out of the bush and pointed his gun at musa

“Drop your gun” he ordered.

Musa slowly dropped his gun.

“Kneel down and put your hands on your head” he commanded and musa slowly obeyed.

Say your last prayer, cos you would be Meeting your ancestors soon” he said and cracked his gun.

“Kpaaaaaa” the gun sounded.

Musa who wasn’t hit by the bullet slowly turned back and saw paul lying lifeless on the ground. Amos was holding a gun pointing at the dead body. He released two more bullets.

“Thats for Joe” he said



Jacobs walked into the court. He saw Barrister clement.

“What are you doing here?” Jacobs asked.

“I came to save your ass as usual” he replied.

“Court rise” the bailiff shouted and everybody stood up, the judge went to his bench and sat before everyone sat down. The normal announcements where done.

There was tight security in the court premises.

“lets see your witness” justice okoro spoke to clement.

Clement called Grace out and she walked to the witness box. She then told the court everything that happened on that day. When she was through, clement came and told the court all that happened to paul and his gang.

“Do you want to cross-examine the witness” justice okoro asked Barrister Briggs.

“Yes your honour” he replied and stood up. He then faced the court.

“I have been backing a criminal without being aware. Paul Adeyemi actually attempted to kill my daughter and not her husband. Right now i am not even worthy of being a lawyer. I apologise to my daughter and this honourable court. I am resigning after this case” he wiped his face with his handkerchief and went back to his seat.

“In the absence of any further witness, i hereby make my judgement” Justice okoro spoke.

Due to lack of concrete evidence before this court, i hereby strike out this case and order the release of Mr. Jacobs with immediate effect. This is my judgement” he hit his gavel.

“court rise!!!” the bailiff shiouted and the judge left the courtroom.

Grace quickly ran to Jacobs and hugged him. Tears were flowing freely from both their eyes.

Someone cleared his throat and they looked up. It was Barrister briggs.

“I know i have been wrong Grace, but please forgive me” he said and brought out a parcel, he opened it and it was a necklace he had seized from grace when she started dating Jacobs. It was a gift from Jacobs.

Grace quickly collected it and hugged him tight.

“Happy wedding anniversary sweetheart” he said.

It was then that grace remembered that it was her 2nd wedding anniversary.

“Hope its not late to give my blessings?” he asked.

“Not at all dad” Grace replied.

Just then Briggs sighted Clement. He left his daughter and walked to him. He shook hands with clement warmly.

“I’m proud of you” he said.

Grace and Jacobs walked towards them and they all embraced themselves in an emotional group hug.

That very moment, the previous chapter of their lives ended. They were going to face a new life void of the troubles of the invisible quartet.

Jacobs promised himself to personally fight for the release of Attah but that very moment, he just wanted to enjoy his victory. Indeed he was victorious at the end of the murder case.


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