Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 95


I really dont want him thinking i dont care about what happens to him, but time has passed, living everyday knowing i would never see my dad ever again hurts me even more.
Dera: i love you lucas and i still want you by my side because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even when am no more i dont regret ever knowing you for even a minute. But right now someone got to pay for everything, my dad and the pains it has caused me, so please dont be in pains she said like she was talking to someone.
She thought of going to her room but then she really had a very difficult time getting that box she really cant wait for even a second to see what is inside. She got down from the car shutting the door and was off to lucas room.
I walked into my room, i felt my self getting very angry over everything, the thought of it was really frustrating. I paced for a while and then collapsed on my bed trying to calm down when i heard a knock on my door.
I reluctantly walked to the door throwing it open and then i saw her.
Me: perhaps she changed her mind i thought as my heart leaped in joy.
Dera: she just stared at him not knowing what to say to him.
Me: perhaps did you change your mind i asked slowly.
Dera: looking into he’s eyes which displayed a lot of emotions, uhmmm actually i came to get my bag she said trying to sound as nice as possible.
Me: of course i felt bad she came for her bag, but quickly hid it. Oooh your bag, of course i’ll get it i said trying to sound as normal as possible. I walked to my locker grabbing her bag and handing it over to her. Here you go.
Dera: collecting the bag as she stared at him, luke i know you think am……..she was about saying something but i really didnt wanna hear it.
Me: its fine dera you can do whatever you……..the words were still in my mouth when she kissed me and it felt so good.
Dera: i love you luke she said walking away.
Me: i stood there fixed for awhile and then forcefully slamming the door, i just dont want to feel it, i want it to last forever!! Its really frustrating i said kicking my bed over and over before sitting on the floor.
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After long hours of sleeping and reading, she decided to go for lunch. When she bumped into dera at the hallway.
Sophia: hey dera she said hugging her.
Dera: aaaaawwww easy she said smiling abit
Sophia: whats wrong she asked when she saw the white bandage on her right arm. Omg!!! What happened to you! She asked in shock.
Dera: i had a little accident she said with a smile but am fine now its really nothing to worry about.
Sophia: ok am really glad you’re fine otherwise lucas is gonna be so worried!! She said smiling.
Dera: smiling weirdly uhmm am really sleepy sophia see you some other time.
Sophia: alright byee she said walking away to the cafe for lunch.
She was almost done with her food when her phone vibrated and it was leo.
Sophia: hello dear she said smiling.
Leo: how are you doing my love
Sophia: well am fine she said trying to sound so normal how about you.
Leo: am gonna be fine if only you’ll have dinner with me tomorrow night he said smiling.
Sophia: uhmm am kinda busy but if its gonna make you better then i’ll try.
Leo: wooow thats cool meet me by 6 at sparkles, it a date! He said happily.
Sophia: smiling alright then byeee she said and hung up. Omg!! I better go get lucas, she said smiling, to know how he really feels about me she added as she got out immediately to the boys dorm, she walked straight to lucas room. And didnt bother knocking she threw the door open, walked in excitedly.
Sophia: lucas!! Guess…..she was about saying what, when she saw lucas staring at only God knows what with traces of tears in his eye as he sat on the floor, he didnt seem to notice her presence.
Sophia: lucas are you alright she asked bending close to him.
To be continued