Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 9


Sitting in her office with her hands crossed, she never stopped wondering how on earth she sent those birthday cards to him when she definitely didnt know who he was. Everything was begining to play clearly, someone was definitely behind all this, someone who knows just too much. Definitely whoever it was, knows i was away or perhaps that someone is trying to replace me…..her last prediction made a lot of sense, as her face contorted in shock. Just then a voice popped up in her again and what if that someone still have cards to play.
Mirabel: whoever is messing with my boy is messing with me, they’d wish they never did she thought folding her fist.
Me: omg!! Dera!!! I yelled shaking her vigoriously, she seemed conscious but she just wont say anything. I was terrified, plus i didnt have any first aid skills, carried her in my arms as i took the next best option(taking her to the hospital), as fast as i could i ran out holding her firmly to myself. Finally i was out of the girls dorm, unfortunately the school ambulance was no were in sight.
Me: what do i do now, i asked obviously confused.
Dera: put me down luke she managed to say.
Me: can you hold onto me?? I asked not waiting for an answer as i dropped her gently and then piggy backed her, i ran to my room to get my car keys as fast as i could almost knocking down some few peeps. I got my key and was on the run again back to my car. Laid her carefully in back, drove at a very high speed to patmos health centre, jumping down from my car, opened the back door carrying her in my arms i ran into the hospital.
A few nurses sighted us from afar as they rushed over, giving me direction to the ward she was to be and finally i laid her down on a bed. Shifting a bit backward, my hair was already messy as my hands unconsciously covered my mouth like i was gonna scream, i watch as they attended to her in such a hurry.
Nurse: sir this way plsss she said point at the exit. She led the way while i followed behind. We go to the reception were i signed some documents, sat down patiently in the reception as i waited for what seemed like forever, it was getting dark and i was begining to get worried still no news from them. I paced up and down checking my time on intervals.
At 9:30pm a nurse came to the reception with her surgical glooves still on.
Nurse: mr lucas
Me: i jerked up in anticipation to hear what she has to say.
Nurse: come with me she said as she led the the way back to the ward.
Me: looking at dera, she looked so fragile, she was under an oxygen machine and a drip which hunged on white coated rod. Hows she i finally asked.
Nurse: exhales well her condition isnt that bad thanks to you, i think she’s been stressing herself without any adequate rest and meals. Good thing you came when you did she didnt go into coma, her sleep is as result of the injection we gave her. To help her rest properly, am sure by tomorrow she’d be up, she said with a smile.
Me: exhaling in relieve
Nurse: you can go home now you look messy too, and uhmm you should come with breakfast for her, plenty of it.