Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 84


​We got into the tub containing alot of hot water, as hot vapours escaped from it. We walked close to it with dera in just bikini, and me on the other hand was on white short.
Me: i stood close to the water, emitting hot vapours, i felt it with the tip of my finger and it was quite hot!!.
Dera: hahahah i thought some one needed a hot tub bath!
Me: yeah and not have my skin burnt, uhmm i think my body needs a cold bath now i said smiling, am going to the pool.
Dera: boring!!!!
Me: hahaha no one cares
Dera: aaaah no! thats not fair, you promised my weekend was gonna be fun!!! And you were gonna make it so! She said looking upward a bit.
Me: hahah alright lets go to the pool i said. We both walked out to the pool covered with tempered glass. And like a lightening i pushed her in smiling as she screamed.
Dera: she swam back up, lucas!!! She yelled a bit pissed.
Me: incoming!!! I said jumping into the pool splashing water on her.
Dera: lucas!!! What is wrong with you!
Me: #tongues out, you can cry if you want i wont charge you i said chuckling.
Dera: am gonna kill you she said as she swam my direction.
Me: hahahha i laughed as i quickly got away, your face is so red girl!!
Dera: is that an octopus she said pointing behind me while i turned to see she quickly went undernearth the water noiselessly, i was trying to figure out where she saw an octopus when someone grabbed me.
Me: hahahaha dera you tricked me!!
Dera: got ya haha you are so dead she said locking her lips in mine as she pulled me into the water.
The weekend was really nice, after a nice time at the pool we saw the movies together and ofcourse the mall, while sophia and mum spent alot of time getting along, they both seemed to be enjoying each others company. And then we were back to school, exams was approaching real quick, have got to get ready i thought. I was in my room when dad called.
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Me: hello dad
Milano: how was your weekend??
Me: fine i was about saying i spent it with mum when i recalled they werent in good terms.
Milano: good to know, joe is on his way with your credit card.
Me: the goodnews i just heard was enough to put a smile on my face for the whole week, i couldnt tell mum he took my credit card, knowing she was gonna get mad.
I awaited joe’s arrival with my cell phone next to me, and after a long while he called to tell me he was in my school. I rushed out quickly to the parking lot to meet him.
Me: hello joe i said excitedly.
Joe: hahha am sure you already know why am here, there you go he said handing over my credit card
Me: it almost seemed like i became a complete person this very minute, i felt like my wonderful companion was back, thanks joe, i said about leaving.
Joe: uhmm lucas, your dad gave me this too he said handing another credit card over to me.
Me: looking at it, uhmmm this belongs to damian, i said abit surprised.
Joe: yea he wants you to give him at the end of next week.
Me: uhmm i think you should deliver it yourself.
Joe: he said you can either choose to forgive him and hand over the card to him or let him complete his punishment, he said smiling abit.
Me: i was abit shocked.
Joe: just do the right thing man he said tapping my left shoulder abit and left.
I walked back to my dorm, maybe dad still thinks, am holding a grudge against him.
Me: i looked at his card smiling a bit, well if you have to be punished by dad i really want no part of it i said chuckling abit. Am just gonna go give it back to its owner, am sure he’d be glad, i thought as i walked to damian’s room.
I knocked twice i could here distant voices laughing, but got no response so i knocked harder.
Damian: am coming!! He sang as he walked to door excusing himself from isabel.
Me: hey man!!
Damian: whoa!! The lucas i know would never stop by my room, am sure its gotta be important.
Me: smiling you aint far from the truth man, here’s your credit card, joe brought it a while ago.
Damian: yeeeeaaaah!!! He said jumping in excitement as isabel quickly rushed to the door to see what.
Me: hey isabel i said with a smile and she smiled back excitedly.
Damian: my credit card is back baby he said smiling.
Me: uhmm i think have got to go, you can thank dad later i said smiling.
To be continued