Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 61


​We left the cafeteria and i saw her off to her dorm, and was back to mine, jumped on my bed hoping to fall asleep immediately. My brain was rather making a replay of the day’s event. Well it really didnt go as plan but all the same it was fun.
After long hours of dancing, they both decided to leave, they chatted as they walked to her door post.
Mira: goodnight ricky she said with a smile.
Ricky: smiling seductively, slowly placing his left palm on the door close to her head, as he moved his lips toward hers slowly.
Mira: placing her finger on his lips with a smirk on her face, not so fast ricky, she said softly.
Ricky: come on!! Its just a goodnight kiss!
Mira: i wasnt kidding when i said you’ve got alot of work to do, if you want a goodnight kiss then you’ve got to earn it she said with smile.
Ricky: huuuh thats ridiculous.
Mira: you are ridiculous, i know, i know you’ve got your pick up, screw and drop reputation to keep. But trust me if you were a fisherman am way bigger than your nets. Goodnight she said smiling.
Ricky: scoffs, he never saw that coming, hmmm well am gonna show you have got a net, big enough to catch a blue whale he said with a smirk as he walked away.
He carried her away singing love songs from the 1800’s, while she chuckled and laughed on intervals.
Dropping her on his bed taking off his shirt slowly as he continued singing.
Isabel: hahaha you are so funny, i guess your eros and plato kinda of feeling includes undressing a lady??
Damian: smiling as he climbed the bed moving close to her slowly, you are every thing baby he said in more like whispers as he made to kiss her.
Isabel: stopping his lips with her finger, let me guess, you actually meant one in life time lovemaking??
Damian: allow me to show you, he said kissing her neck.
Isabel: or a once in a life time jerk!
Damian: paused abit what are you talking about.
Isabel: smiling# that was quite an act you know.
Damian: no it wasnt i meant it.
Isabel: you know for a while you almost had me fooled, well unfortunately am the kind of girl who wants to see the end of everything. She said pushing him away as she stood.
Damian: come on isabel, i was just carried away.
Isabel: prove that, she said walking away.
Damian: aaaaarrrggh he yelled kicking the air as he fell back on the bed. It was all a mistake he never should have brought her here. Well have got 6more days to win over, he said smiling abit closing his eyes.
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She woke quite early today as she walked to the kitchen, poured her self a glass of cold water. Sat on her couch as she waited for smith.
Smith: walked in not quite long, goodmorning ma’am he said.
Mirabel: i trust you slept well.
Smith: nodding.
Mirabel: all details you are gonna need is right here. I’ll be at the hospital, dont keep me waiting.
Smith: yes ma’am he said collecting the envelope as he walked out quickly, got into the car and drove off.
he drove for hours and soon he was at patmos, parked the car, softly he got down. Looking round the school as thoughts of how he’s gonna find her played in his head.
He took a deep breath as he walked into the girls dorm asking a few ladies about sophia, but they seemed not to know if anyone with that name existed. He continued his search for a while, when finally he look straight down the hallway when a girl walked out of her room.
Smith: quickly looking at the photo in his hand, thats her he yelled in his head in excitment as he walked towards her.
Smith: hello ma’am he said smiling a bit.
Sophia: staring at him for awhile like she was unsure he was reffering to her. Sorry were you talking to me??
Smith: smiling a bit yes sophia and uhmmm right now isnt the time for many questions as you’ll get to know better sooner. Plss i need you to come with me right now.
To be continued