Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 38


​I was so engrossed in what i was reading, reading as fast as i could given no room for foreign thoughts, the night was already far spent, i was begining to feel dizzy, and then i remembered isabel was still in the room. I turned to see what she was upto but she was fast asleep again. So deep in sleep she didnt look like she was gonna wake up soon. Looking at her triggered some kind of thought’s in my head.
Me: i knew why she preffered sleeping in my room but then i really dont feel that way about her. I couldnt help to think how its gonna feel like being in her shoes, atleast i had a few moment with the one person i needed for a while, but then what if the only thing i could do was fantasize about her, hoping something significant happens between us but the only moment with her was only in my imaginations its quite ironic. Why am i having thoughts like this anyway i whispered resting my head on the table as i journeyed into sleepworld.
He woke quite early this morning, all he thought about was a wonderful treat to give to the lady his heart wanted. There were lost of amazing things he thought but he decided to just take her out to lunch at the cafeteria later today. He laid back on his bed smiling when his phone ringed, and the caller was pamela.
Damian: hello sis how’re you doing?
Pamela: yeah act like you care, am sure you’d have called a long time ago but……
Damian: ok ok ok am sorry you know have been busy with books he said cutting her short.
Pamela: hahaha if you ever think for a minute that i believe that lie then you’d better rethink.
Damian: ok i get it, hope you’re getting fatter and i hope you still remember the no dating rule he said teasingly.
Pamela: leave me alone!! She said ending the call.
Damian got into shower cleaned up and was out to hang out with a few buddies.
It was morning already she stretched, as she smiled looking at the bright light penetrating the room. She looked around and lucas wasnt on the bed. She saw him fast asleep resting his head on the table.
Isabel: whoa!! Dont tell me you slept on that table because of me she let out unconsciously.
Me: i heard her voice and i was back from the sleep word, was actually taking a break i replied yarwning.
Isabel: probably i should just go, perhaps you aint comfortable with me around.
Me: uhmm truthfully i actually need space but its fine atleast you aint noisey i murmured with my eyes closed as i stretched so hard.
Isabel: well thanks for that weird compliment i better start going.
Me: alright byee then, i said as she left shutting the door, i jumped on my bed and this time i felt like i was gonna sleep forever. Just then my phone rang and it was pamela.
Me: hello cutie
Pamela: seriously luke! No calls, no text message, you just left me on my own.
Me: aaawww my bad, i thought you gonna be way into your fun activities.
Pamela: yeah i was but that doesnt stop my brother from calling.
Me: kinda busy with books but you know you taught me the no call, no texting kinda life. That aside how’re you doing.
Pamela: been holding up abit, been kinda lonely lately.
Me: aaaww you tried chilling out more often, you’ve really got nothing to worry about we are gonna be home this weekend, lets see how your gonna welcome your cute brother.
Pamela: hahah check!! She yelled.
Me: alright alright i really need to sleep. I said ending the call.
He woke not quite long, showered got dressed in his basket ball outfit when his phone rang and it was his baby sis.
Ricky: hello little witch
Pamela: ricky!! I swear call me that again and your gonna be dead for sure.
Ricky: hahahah ok ok lets get serious your not the type to call, tell me what are you up to.
Pamela: nothing just missed you
Ricky: hahaha you?? Stop kidding, you’ve gotten a boyfriend?
Pamela: no!!!
Ricky: a crush?
Pamela: ricky get out of my line she yelled ending the call
To be continued