Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 32


She did her hygiene and was off to the office, this time she wasnt looking into her company’s file, she grabbed the office telephone punch a few numbers.
Mirabel: mr forbes come right in she said dropping the line and in less than 5minutes the door flew open.
James forbe was her friend from college, they did most of studying together. Although currently he is a practicing lawyer with 2 kids, for old time sake she has to get in touch with james, knowing she needed someone she could trust for the task she wanted, someone who is capable. She had brief conversation with him last night on phone and he made it as promised to fadden corp.
forbes: wooow you havent aged abit he teased smiling.
Mirabel: uhmm is that grey hairs??? She asked teasingly
Forbes; come on mirabel you know its been a long time he said smiling.
Mirabel: yeah i know she replied smiling too.
Forbes: so lets get it over with.
Mirabel: handling a file to him, heres a few details about the companies in question. The task is simple do all you can to take over ownership she said grinning.
Forbes: smiling thats gonna take a while but am up to the task he said smiling. Have you had breakfast yet.
Mirabel: not yet she said
Forbes: how about we eat out to catch up on old times he said smiling and perhaps, talk more of business.
Mirabel: uhmm that will be nice she said with a smile.
He couldnt take his eye of her as he lit up the candle, the silver plate gave a beautiful reflection of the candle light.
Damian: you look beautiful he said softly.
Dera: thanks for the compliment she said with a smile.
Damian: you know, I have thought about what to say to you a thousand times, and then finally figured out something.
Dera: hmm whats that?
Damian: have decided to show you my heart he said opening the meal they were supposed to share, well decorated forming a love shape.
Dera: smiling# its cool
Damian: yeah right here in my heart i think you are the coolest, i really dont to want to live in a world void of you, you’ve become my happiness, joy and all i want to dream of when am not awake. Its not gonna be just word i say, it’s gonna be my sincerity. He said with a smile.
Dera: she was completely blown off she couldnt help but smile
Damian: lets eat he said as they both digged into the food. They ate in silence for a while, when they were done he took her for a slow tango dance. After the long time of a wonderful dance, they were a bit exhausted.
Turning slowly to see a black kid abit muscular seemed like he spent lots of hours in the gym.
Me: just hoping i’d take it all out on it, i said sitting on the floor.
Guy: smiling a bit yeah, i get it that moment when you get angry at your inability to do something, or getting frustrated by some dude interference he said smiling.
Me: kept my gaze on him, i wasnt in the mood for smiles. Well have got a few butt i wanna kick so badly i said.
Guy: am leo he said stretching his arm out to help me up.
Me: lucas i said grabbing his palm.
Leo: i think its kinda late already.
Me: what about you? I asked
Leo: i work here, most times i stay up all night training, so tell me, why were you hitting the bag so hard for a very long time?
Me: some dude ruined my day and then i figured out i needed this kind of training.
Leo: smiling hahha you really do remind me alot about myself, i could remember learning kickboxing because some dude stole my girlfriend.
Me: smiling abit, atleast you were motivated.
Leo: like you are right now? Yup, you know i could teach you if you want.
Me: ofcourse i want, like now!!
To be continued