Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 2


​Milano: with his usual dirty smirk, he was taken by the sudden confrontation, but he wasnt going to show it.
How do i say this politely, its more like family differences, he said looking at her in the eyes.
Mirabel: she recognized those smiles and somehow she change her mind. She wanted to know why her son calls him dad.
#smiling# mind my manners am a big fan of his, lets eat.
all my life I’ve known ricky to be crazy and wild, this definitely aint cool he never let an opportunity of giving out invitation for the party slip by.
Me: dude!!! Thats enough already i said just when i couldnt take it anymore while he was talking to two hot ladies with porny.
Ricky: come on!! give a rest bro this is gonna be like a bomb, alright ladies i wanna see ya pretty faces tomorrow. He said as they smiled and walked away majestically.
Me: aaaaaarrrrgh what is wrong with you!! I said not expecting an answer, i walked straight to the cafetaria and sat down, collected a straw berry flavoured drink, to calm my nerves. Was about sipping my drink again when mira sat in front of me. Looking obviously paranoid, with looks like someone’s gonna drop-dead, scared the s–t out of me.
Me: not knowing exactly what to say uhmmmm……someone is having a bad day i guess.
Mira: kept her gaze fixed on me without reply.
Me: i really didnt want a scene atleast not with a lady!! As quick as possible my brain began to profer weird solution right in my head. Decided to try one more time, looking at her feigning concern if its a guy issue i can help, perhaps your boyfriend or something, i swear those word came out on there own, was just trying to start a conversation, sooner i began to realize what i just did.
Mira: hmmm really?? Her mood lighten up a bit, first am gonna have a sip of that, she said taking my strawberry drink with smirk on her face.
Me: my eyes shown wild upon definitely not the mood i anticipated, she is isnt really taking my words seriously isvshe!! I yelled in my head as i looked at her.
Mira: so tell me what if i show you this one guy, who i want to give my heart, the one person whom i want to love, the person i really want to be with, right here in my heart he is all i see, he lightens my world but yet i still feel its a fairytale, i see him in my dream and wish i was trapped in it and when am awake am afraid cos i feel lonely with him, he is like my favourite star, ironically humans can only look up in the sky and identify a star, but stars cant look down to do the same. I really do wish my star recognizes me. 
She said with both pained and mean expression. It was obvious that words couldnt explain the emotion she felt.
Me: my mouth flew open and a voice popped up in my head dude!! Dont you think shez reffering to you?? I hope not. I gave a soft smile your glass is empty i said pouring her another drink.
Mira: #thats it?? Your just gonna refill my glass she thought as she kept her gaze fixed on him.
Me: i really didnt know what to say but at this point i knew theres no getting away for me. #smile# you seem to like this guy alot you know, he must be lucky to have a wonderful lady like you. So whats his name, i can help you uhmmm, you know i could talk to him.
Mira: stupid!!! You really dont know am talking about you?? She said in her head a little bit dissapointed. Uhmmm yeah that would be nice. She smiled a bit.
Me: exhaled finally she’s calm, how about i go see him right away??
Mira: ok
Me: uhmm i still need a name and description.
Mira: he’s tall, cute, calm, never talks to anyone, likes being alone…..
Me: while she kept on describing i was nodding, almost everything she said fit my kind of description, i was certain she was referring to me, my brain cells fought so hard for possible solution, the easiest before she said the big part.
Mira: finally his name is lucas martinez.
Me: our gaze met each other fixed it was faster than i thought or should i say i acted dumb, i should have known from the way she stared at me.
To be continued