Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 159


It’s a beautiful morning, we were all woken by the clanging sound Ricky made by hitting a bottle of champagne with the steel head of a cork crew. And then they all sanged a birthday song for us. Before drinking the champagne. After taking our showers, the nurse visited to do a bit of massage and then change the bandages. Before going out to get a really nice out fit for the party later tonight.
After picking a wonderful outfit white and black outfit which was the dress-code, we drove down to the fun park for bit of fun. After a wonderful time at the park, we were on our way back home with a really huge jar of ice cream. Time flew by really fast, it was barely 2 hours to the time of the party. When mum called Sophia, they talked for a while before dropping the line.
Sophia: the drivers are on their way here. We all got ready as quick as possible. Sophia dressed in a beautiful white gown, with a few mixture of black. While i was dressed in a black shirt, well tucked in a black trouser. And then a white tux, complemented by a white tie. Damian and Ricky where dressed in a black tux while pamela was on a knee length puffy dinner gown.
Soon the drivers arrived, pamela and i took the white limo, while Sophia, Ricky and Damian got into the black. We were off to grandpa’s house, which was the party venue.
After a while on the road we finally arrived at exactly 4:20 pm. Most of the guests were there already. I could see mum smiling at us, seated in the company of Charles, Milano, and Vanessa. We greeted a few people with hugs and handshakes, of course i was careful enough to keep my arm out of the way.
The party kicked start immediately as they sanged a birthday song to us after cutting the cake. Then i saw Dera, who was really looking beautiful in a black dinner dress, she hugged me happily.
Dera: happy birthday she said before hugging Sophia.
Sophia: am glad you came.
Dera: i wouldn’t have missed it for anything she said with smile.
Sophia and i walked round like celebrities of course we were actually looking for Keith. I saw liz too.
Me: hey!!
Liz: Lucas she said smiling giving me a hug, i guess that’s your twin sis.
Me: hahahah yes that her.
Liz: am Elizabeth you can actually call me liz she said extending her hand for shake.
Sophia: Sophia she said with a really broad smile. Just then we saw Mr Keith, as we waved at him with smiles.
Dera: when are we taking photos.
Sophia: great thank God you are here.
Dera: what’s wrong she asked looking a bit confused.
Me: nothing, see that man standing over there? could you show him to the special reservation on the left side of the garden.
Dera: ok……that won’t be a problem.
Sophia: he’s a really important guest, make him feel i little more comfortable and welcome by addressing him formally please.
Dera: ok?? So when am i supposed to do that.
Me: like now
Dera: whats his name?
Me: just call him mr Keith
Dera: alright she said exhaling as she walked towards him.
Dera: welcome Mr Keith she said with a smile.
Keith: thank you
Dera: sir we have a special reservation, if you wouldn’t mind, i’ll take you there she said with a smile.
Keith: of course i don’t he said following her immediately.
Yes!! We both screamed!! Giving each other a hi- 5.
Dera: now can you tell me what you two are up to??
Me: it’s just a bit complicated to start explaining.
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Sophia: and beside’s your gonna find out soon.
Me: we will be right back i said with a smile as we walked to were liz stood.
Liz: hope you guys are having fun! She said smiling.
Me: yes liz, can you do me a favor.
Liz: uhmm that depends
Me: that woman over there
Liz: Mirabel??
Me: yeah that’s my mum
Liz: that right have been dying to ask!
Me: i know i have a lot of explaining to do, i promise i will. Right now, i need you to tell her someone is here to see her.
Liz: ok??
Me: all you have to do is lead her straight to that seat over there , i said pointing at kith’s table.
Liz: hmm hope am safe??
Me: very safe
Liz: alright am gonna do this just because its your birthday, she said with a smile.

She walked up to Mirabel

Liz: good evening ma’am she said with a smile.


Mirabel: how may i help you?


Liz: someone is here to see you.


Mirabel: name??


Liz: i think he’s someone Lucas wants you to meet.


Mirabel: i see! Let’s go then, she said following her immediately, as she led Mirabel to Keith.


Keith: he was about sipping from his glass of wine when his eyes found Mirabel.


Mirabel: keith????

To be continued…….