Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 14


​Me: what he just said made no sense if they were in a goddamn relationship how come he too was clueless about her way about. If he got a problem he should fix it rather than saying shits to my face. I thought as I hissed, i got up and was out of the class, people were begining to stare and i was uncomfortable.
I went to the cafe with my headset, i had to admit i missed these music, havent being listening to them for a while, i got lunch and soda which i ate nodding slightly to rhythm of the song.
Ricky: hey lucas he said with a weird smile.
Me: taking of my headset said, i knew that smile, the last time he told mira only God knows what about me and now?? Spill it i said
Ricky: whatsup with you and damian, only yesterday he was burning in rage and today, he’s obviously giving you a warning.
Me: i really didnt know whats eating him up until this morning. Perhaps he thinks am hitting on dera.
Ricky: and what the is wrong with that??
Me: same question i dont have answers to man, am sick of him saying bullshit like “shes mine keep off” i said immitating him.
Ricky: so are you really hitting on her he said looking at me with the corner of his eyes.
Me: ricky!!!! I yelled immediately.
Ricky: haahha i know those looks man say it.
Me: am really not hitting her, but she seems kinda cool to hang out with and thats all.
Ricky: i knew it hahah well now lucas if only your gonna listen to me i know just how to sort this out and its gonna be a win win for everybody. And i also know damian is jealous too he said with a smile.
Me: hahahah you??? I smell trouble already.
Ricky: trust me am a wonderful match maker, it just you are just too…….he paused abit looking at me.
Me: too what???
Ricky: choosy he said with a smile.
Me: no am not!!
Ricky: your gonna prove that bro remember its your words not mine.
Me: stop being ridiculious ricky.
Ricky: fine have got just the perfect lady your gonna love, whoa whoa whoa he yelled while i tried speaking. Before you turn my offer down, give it a trial, just one date! Just one he stressed
Me: one date just like that?? Seriously ricky, you know am not…was about saying interested when he cut in.
Ricky: lucas lucas come on!!! Just one date with her and thats all come on!!!
Me: you know what my answer would be man dont push it.
Ricky: i know what your answer would have been man, the lucas now and the lucas then aint the same.
Me: wait a minute are you into one of your crazy deals again?
Ricky: deals?? hell no lucas, here’s the thing, just try as much as possible to be nice and sweet no matter what you might just enjoy her company better than dera you know and then damian isnt gonna be mad at you and everybody gets to win!!
Me: the fact that he is pushy about this gave me enough reason to doubt him but then what he just said made no sense to me. I was gonna do this not because i wanted to get anyone out of my system cos no one is in there in the first place. Just want to see this wonderful girl ricky would geniunely vouch for so i thought.
Me: ok ok fine so when do i meet this lady of yours.
Ricky: thats what am talking about man, take note you have to be nice no matter what secondly you guys can have a candle light dinner date or just a regular date but it gonna be today he said with a grin.
Me : What!!!
To be continued