Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 137


I relaxed on the couch as they had their argument, i stared at them like i was listening to their conversation, but it seemed like my brain was falling deeply asleep.
Micheal: speaking of Lucas, the last time i checked he isn’t a kid, he knows what he wants. Isn’t that right Lucas?
Me: my eyes were about closing when i heard my name. Yes?? I answered like i was being called.
Micheal: looking a bit surprised to know he wasn’t even listening to anything they were saying. Sure you are alright??
Mirabel: Lucas??
Me: am fine really, am just feeling so sleepy, i murmured.
Sophia: it must be the sleeping pills he took, she said smiling.
Mirabel: perhaps you took more than the required dosage.
Me: am fine!! Mum i just need to sleep, i’d be in my room, i stood up heading towards the stairs and then everything began to be move round and round at a very great speed. I staggered forward, leaning on the wall in other not to fall. How i became this weak, remained a mystery to me, i mean i was alright some minutes ago.
Sophia: Lucas!! She called out a bit as they rushed to where i stood.
Mirabel: you should rest on the couch am calling the doctor right away.
Micheal: have done that already.
Me: come on there’s really no need for a doctor, i just wanna go back to bed. I said as they led me to the couch, where i laid down.
In about 5 mins the door bell ranged, Sophia hurried to the door.
Micheal: that’s my personal doctor, let him in. Just like he said Sophia led him inside.
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He quickly checked my temperature.
Doctor: what happened?
Sophia: he took sleeping pills yesterday.
Doctor: on whose prescription?
Sophia: i don’t think there was any, he only gulp down a good number of it like aspirins.
Doctor: obviously he took overdose, sleeping pills are central nervous system depressant, an overdose is pretty dangerous. You called right on time sir, all we have to do now is make him throw up the pills in his system. Excuse me i have to go get a few drugs.
Micheal: alright the driver will take you.
He left and was back in less than 45 minutes, by now i was drifting back into a really deep sleep, they made me gulp down a few weird tasting tablets.
Doctor: In about 1 hour 30 mins he’s gonna throw up a lot. Make sure he eats well after that, he said with a smile.
Sophia: she breath down in relief so if grandpa didn’t call you when he did it would have been way out of hand right?
Doctor: you see sleeping pills belong to a class called benzodiazepines, and because of it’s depressing nature to the central nervous system, an overdose can cause, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and decrease heart rate which eventually leads to death.
Sophia: huuuh!! But……
Doctor: he’s fine now he said smiling before leaving.
Everything happened just like the doctor predicted, it was almost dark and i was feeling strong again.
Me: i stretched happily after a short sleep.
Sophia: how are you feeling she asked?
Me: i still feel a bit weird but am very much ok now. I said with a smile.
Sophia: that’s good news.
Me: so where’s mum and grandpa??
Sophia: after a short argument, i think they wanna resolve their dispute she said happily.
Me: ooh that’s great!! I said resting back on the couch.
Sophia: you have no idea how scared i was especially when i found out you could actually die, she said with a smile.
Me: what could be more scary than Halloween i said with a smile as she hit me playfully.
Sophia: grandpa asked me to tell you the meeting with the president is scheduled at 4 pm tomorrow.
Me: i thought he mentioned something of that nature earlier, i said with a smile.
Sophia: perhaps he thinks you were too sleepy when he talked about it you know.
Me: although i wasn’t listening, i think i heard him say that.
Sophia: since you gonna be attending a party as huge as that you gonna need to rest a lot.
Me: yeah you are right, but i think i have to eat something first.
To be continued…….