Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 13


​Mirabel: looking so shocked, she carefully removed the shattered glasses to take a proper look. Milano!! She said in a low tune, i was married to milano?? When the question popped up, scene of their wedding began to play in her head, she was begining to remember, she never like milano from the very moment she saw him, she saw deception, she recall she was never happy and thats all, she still felt like there was a lot to catch up on but then she got pissed at her in her inability to remember any further. She put her stuffs together and was out of the basement to the sitting room were her dad relaxed.
Mirabel: i’ll be leaving now dad she said with a troubled smile.
Dad: sure your alright mirabel?? He asked while she just nods.
Mirabel: its late already.
Dad: you know this is your house too
Mirabel: i know i need to pick up afew things before heading home. She moved close to him, gave him a peck and left
Its was dark already but he was yet to find a way to keep lucas and his mum in check, he knew his first plan is a failed one he needs to try something else as quickly as possible, he thought over that for quite a long time.
Vanessa: dont tell me you wanna stay up all night she murmured rolling and stretching.
Milano: smiling at her not at all
Vanessa: crawled behind, wrapping her hands around him, trust me sweetheart i know when you aint happy, come on!! Tell me whats keeping you awake.
Milano: its lucas, his mum just recovered, my plans of keeping him away from her is just not working.
Vanessa: smiling just that? She asked
Milano: giving her a weird look ya just that.
Vanessa: you could send him faraway from home to study.
Milano: tried but its not working vanessa he seem to like it down here.
Vanessa: hmmm i suggest you let him be but if the worst happens then you’d have to smuggle him to wherever you want she said smiling. Now come to bed she said pulling him slowly
after a long rest only God knows how long i was awake, it was morning already i cleaned up and was set for class. I thought i was dreaming when i saw ricky in class.
Me: he must be up to something i thought, soon dera walked in and later damian. While the class commenced from time to time i caught damian starring at me obviously he was still pissed, i think we’ll gonna sort that out later as i drifted my attention back to mr. Rodwell.
And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for, mr rodwell was finally leaving the class and every single person seemed to be happy about it. As everyone seized the opportunity to exchange pleasantaries with friends. I was about putting my headset on when a loud noise from the hard banging of my desk made me jerked in shock.
Me: looking up to see damian in front of me with mean look, i was confused.
Damian: i guesss this is the point were you start explaining
Me: uhmmm..uhmm i stammered i didnt know what to say to him whether to tell him she lost her dad or she almost starved herself to death. Dera is fine now i think its better you ask her in person cos your definitely not gonna believe anything i say to you.
Damian: good then am gonna say this to you just once and am not gonna say it again, shes mine so back off!! He yelled slightly
To be continued