Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 125


In less than 30 minutes, after Lucas left Mirabel walked in. Mirabel: looking around, ok now where is Lucas?
Sophia: uhmm…Lucas……
Mirabel: smiling Sophia just relax and tell me what you guys are up to this time.
Sophia: nothing mum its just…..he was having stomach aches, he’s gone to the hospital for check up and will be going straight home when he’s done, she said smiling.
Mirabel: how bad was it perhaps we could go to the hospital too.
Sophia: no no no that’s exactly why he wanted it a secret. He said if i tell you’d be very worried, don’t worry he’s gonna be fine.
Mirabel: its normal for mothers to worry about their children Sophia.
Sophia: hahahha can i tell you another secret, he’s madly in love with Dera, i think its just the perfect excuse to hang out with her.
Mirabel: he’s not a kid, no one is stopping him from having a relationship!
Sophia: oooh mum!! He is a guy and considering the fact he was gonna be leaving us behind.
Mirabel: alright then lets go for lunch.
Sophia: mum you know you ain’t allowed to tell him right.
Mirabel: yes ma’am can we go now?
Sophia: sure am starving! She said with a smile
The cab man was an excellent driver, i gave him 500 bucks, when i alighted in front of MJ. I waited a bit trying to gain composure, realizing i was gonna be meeting a few familiar faces. I walked in through the glass door, taking the elevator, which stopped at the 3rd floor, when liz stepped in.
Liz: Lucas!! She said giving me hug
Me: i wasn’t even looking, hahaha liz!! I called out a bit shocked. Where are you going?
Liz: the CEO’s office and i didn’t know you came by.
Me: wanted to see the CEO too.
Liz: and you are still looking cute!
Me: and you are still looking super gorgeous i said smiling as the door of the elevator flew open. We both walked towards the CEO’s office having a brief conversation on our way.
Me: you should go first, i wouldn’t want to keep you standing i said smiling, she walked in dropped the files she came with and was out.
Liz: you can go in now she said smiling as she walked away.
I walked into the office to see James looking at the files.
Me: hello Mr Forbes.
Forbes: he look a bit shocked, who are you?
Me: am someone you should know, Mirabel’s son or should i say your boss son?
Forbes: either way, i think i already got your message so what is it you want.
Me: have got lots of things am worried about, was hoping you could be of help.
Forbes: i wanna hear it.
Me: first i have to clear somethings, the person who owns this office is my dad, like my biological dad.
Forbes: if he’s your dad and Mirabel is your mum, that means they……
Me: exactly i said cutting in, i need a few favors, but first i need to know why she trusted you with such huge task.
Forbes: smiling why should i say anything to you?
Me: lets just say am a kid looking out for his parents. Am sure you have kids, i know they’d do the same.
Forbes: exhaling, well actually am just helping her out.
Me: help?? I asked with a bit squeezed face, you are now the CEO of a big company and you called that help i thought.
Forbes: seeing the look on his face. Ok the thing is we were friends from college and then she called me after a long time asking for my help. She wanted to destroy this company and Milano.
Me: and the document of a signed deal she has in her possession??.
Forbes: if we make a revolt with that, Milano would end up in jail this very minute.
Me: whoa!!!
Forbes: rather than coming to me you could talk to your mum, she calls the shot here. Leave me out of it ok!
Me: uhmmm one more thing, you said you were friends from college, by chance do you know Keith Harrells?
Forbes: yes why do you ask??
Me: just curious, do you know where i can find him.
Forbes: its obviously being a long time, but he should be in los Angeles. The last time we had a real talk he owned a very expensive restaurant in los Angeles, HARRELL’S SPICES.
Me: thank you very much Mr Forbes, you’ve really been helpful.
James: of course, i hope you don’t get into trouble, feel free to stop by if you need anything.
Me: and uhmm Mr Forbes how about we keep this a secret from my mum. What do you say?
Jame: that wont be a problem.
To be continued