Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 123


Me: oh! Mum!!
Mirabel: we are still in the office remember she said smiling as she sipped her coffee.
Sophia: mum you know that’s not possible there’s no way we can ever find your so called love, and from what you said obviously its been years .
Mirabel: ok Sophia you know what??
You are actually right about one thing, its not possible! I kinda agree with you on that, its been years you know and its not a so called love, it is real affection! She said with raised eye brows. Just then the secretary walked in with the list i asked for.
Secretary: here you go Mr………….
Me: Lucas i said with a smile collecting it as she walked away. Tossing it on the table, so tell me mum why didn’t you get married to the person you felt this real affection for?
Mirabel: do i need to remind you kids, this is work time??
Sophia: of course not ma’am, we are right on it she said moving close to me. As we went through the lengthy list together.
Me: grab a seat
Sophia: moved her seat close to mine smiling while mum just watched.
Me: i really cant wait to see my baby again you know.
Sophia: giving me the what are you talking about look.
Me: i quickly type on the computer we have to make her jealous.
Sophia: you know i still remember the cute smile on Leo’s face hahah.
Me: if i had the ability to jump time, do you know what i’d do?
Sophia: nah you tell me she said smiling.
Me: i paused, i’d rather whisper it, i said smiling as she moved her ears close. Don’t worry i wasn’t gonna say anything just laugh like i did.
Sophia: haahhahaha lover boy!! She yelled a bit as we both raised our heads facing mum, who stared at us with a blank expression.
Mirabel: what is wrong with you kids she said raising her hands a bit.
Sorry ma’am we both chorused.
Mirabel: stop pretending to be sorry its not working!
Alright ma’am we are not, we chorused again
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Mirabel: aaarggghh what did i ever do wrong to have you guys ruining my day like this.
Me: ooh sorry mum, Sophia i think we better leave before her day becomes totally ruined.
Sophia: i think so too she said feigning sadness.
We both stood up, walking slowly towards the door hoping she’d ask us to stay.
Mirabel: exhales guys guys you can stay ok.
Yes!! We both muttered, as we turned back to our seats smiling.
Sophia: so mum can you tell us about Keith?
Mirabel: you just don’t give up, do you??
Sophia: nope.
Mirabel: fine!! We met in college, when i had thoughts of taking per time business classes you know. He was really a smooth talker with good looks too, he talked me into attending business classes. He seized every chance he gets to start a conversation, and when there’s none, he creates one by throwing his pen close to my feet or staring. I caught him a few times and he’d never deny it and sometimes he waits at the corridor until my classes were over, just to walk me down to class. And whenever i asked him why he does that, he’d say he never wants the wonderful time he has to spend with me slip by. He made me feel so different, bit by bit i was beginning to think he was my prince charming. I was getting used to the idea of him waiting at the door, or watching from a far while sitting on a distant tree, with binoculars, i was used to him having his eyes on just me.
We both watch her smile as she went further to explain, we tried not to interrupt. It almost seem like she was watching the scene in her head.
Mirabel: And then he asked me out, of course i accepted and that’s how we started a wonderful love adventure until we graduated. He promised he was gonna set up a big restaurant in Coasta Rica and then we were gonna get married, but then he had a few things to do in Los Angeles. Life couldn’t get any better, i was back to Coasta Rica, hoping he was gonna join me soon. It turned out he was gonna be busy for the whole year you know. Well i decided not to practice law and do a bit of business which have come to love.
He got pretty busy, communication lessened, and then dad came up with the idea of getting married to some man, i tried talking him out of it, which never yielded a positive result. And then i told mum(Harley) about it, i still remember her words.
Harley: don’t be a fool Mirabel, men has a way of toiling with women’s heart.
Finally i got married, though i never get to see him again, i never lost faith, have always dream’t he was gonna show up one day and i’ll have to divorce your father. I never saw that day, i only saw misery.
To be continue on Monday, watch out for our weekend story
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