Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 100


After a while schwartz left, she quickly shut down her laptop, carefully arranging everything in her bag, put the lights out and was off to school in her car.
She drove for a while and soon she was in school, got down with her bag and walked to her room to have a wonderful rest.
Ever since he sent alex after that intruder, he’s been out of reach. He has never taken this long to carry out his mission before, and somehow this time it feels weird. Bit by bit he was getting worried, alex was one of the few best man he had.
He was back with his personal security to his house. He walked in with a straight face to where he kept the spider box, as vince quickly excorted him.
Vince: sir everything is intact he added.
Mr cornel: stared at the box for a while as he walked in to where it was, he punched the silver button in front of it and it flew open, that wasnt suppose to happen and there was no flashdrive inside, he stared at the box with a lot of angry look. Vince did you say every thing is intact he asked again.
Vince: seeing the expression on his face he took a few step backward, unsure about the answer to his question.
Mr cornel: before anyone could see the angry looks on his face 2bullets were already in vince’s heart, he fell to the ground as his blood gushed out.
Everyone had this alarmed look on their faces, but no one dared move a muscle.
Mr cornel: took out the box looking at it closely, there were only 5 people who owns a box like this he said slowly. Like a thought was runing through his head. And then some pictures began to play in his head.
Agent vahn was sent on an official mission carefully sealed in a spider box and delivered to him like a parcel. But i made sure he was eliminated after that mission he thought still standing.
Mr cornel: this only means, its either agent vahn escaped death or someone close to him wants revenge. Those where the only 2 possible explanations he could come up with as he walked away without saying a word to anyone.
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I turned slowly towards her like i was remoted.
Me: how did you…..i wasnt done asking the question when she cut in.
Lady: know your name?? Uhmm i think you’d have to sit she said, as i walked like a spell has been cast on my legs to the seat.
Me: am listening.
Lady: as a fortune teller i only see faces whenever i read people’s palm, i only have to give a detailed description of what i see.
Me: giving her the and then kinda look.
Lady: its different when i dream, i dont just see the faces i get the name she said keeping her gaze fixed on me.
Me: i have to admit i felt goose bumps building up on my skin, and then you saw me in your dreams right i tried to sound normal even when it was quite weird to me.
Lady: i know its weird but whenever i see anyone in my dream, i get to meet the person like in reality.
Me: uhmm can you tell me this dream of yours.
Lady: even i dont understand it but its obviously a bad sign she said with a sincere looks.
Me: you are scaring me
Lady: let me have your palm.
Me: really i was having a double thought about this, but i found myself stretching my palms into hers.
Lady; she stared at me for a while as she shut her eyes slowly, after a while she vibrated vigorously like she was lost in a trance or something i just couldnt figure out.
Me: i stared at her for a while and soon she was calm again, and then her eyes shown open.
Lady: there were so many waters, as huge as the ocean flowing eastward but you stayed afloat.zed m
Me: yeah i can swim
Lady: you werent swimming she stressed.
Me: i wasnt?? I asked she nodded, theres only one scenario where any human can stay afloat in water without swimming. My eyes popped open like you mean i was….
Lady: dead and lost she said cutting in
To be continued