Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 10


​For the first time since all this began i felt my legs aching, it was pretty late i decided to go to her room first to pick up afew cloths and shut the door. At this point i wished i could teleport because my feet were weak, i staggered to my car as i drove down to school, walked into the female dorm and headed straight for her room. The place was so quiet even dropping a pin on the floor would be heard.
I scanned through her wardrop for a few nice dress and after a while i made a choice, just about closing it my eyes caught a glimpse of a silver box which sparkled. Picking it up to take a closer look at it, it was really beautiful benearth it was a huge spider symbol and S.W.I.F.T caved beautifully with dark colouration on it. I was about opening it when i realized i was tresspassing, i quickly dropped it as i shut the door behind me, ensuring its locked. I was of to my room, got in, jumped on my bed and was soon lost in a deep sleep.
He woke up took a shower, as fast as possible, he has tried calling dera afew times, for days now but she just wont pick up so he decided to check on her in class and if she’s not there he’s gonna go to the girls dorm. His plan sounds pretty nice as he smiled to himself.
I was so tired, even in my sleep i jerk up from the dreamworld, when the alarmed ringed so loudly. I showered and got dressed grabbed my bag with dera’s cloth well arranged in it. Drove down to an eatery just down the road. Got her lassanga’s, burgers, fried rice and hot chicken sauce, i drove back to the hospital checking my time it was just 7:25, she should be up by now i thought as i walked into the hospital exchanging pleasantries with the nurses at the reception. Got into the room she was kept and ooopss she was still sleeping so peacefully.
I sat down on the only seat available resting my head backwards, with an intention of waiting while she slept, but i too havent had much of a good sleep. I fell asleep too, after a while i was brought back to reality by dera’s voice.
Dera: you know you should have asked for a bed if you were sleepy.
Me: jerked up checking my wrist watch it was 9:23 already. Just needed a nap, how long have been awake?? I asked
Dera: a while ago
Me: i’ll be back, i have to go get the nurse. I said before leaving the room while she nod in agreement. In less than 5mins i was back with a nurse, who checked her pulse and temperature.
Nurse: she needs to eat now.
Me: have got breakfast right here
Nurse: ok you should give to her, she said as she left.
Dera: what do you have in there
Me: burger, lassanga and rice i said as i got them out, placed them on a table and moved it in front of her. I help her up as she sat facing her food.
Dera: am starving she said smiling a bit.
Me: plssss eat
Dera: looking at me weirdly and then shifted her gaze to her right hand, it was still connected to the dripbag. You know i cant eat with my left arm she said with a smile.
Me: ok i get it i said sitting close to her feeding the food to her as she smiled on intervals, her smile were really beautiful. Just then the door flew open and damian walked in looking obviously pissed.
To be continued