Mr Billionaire Episode 3


When I arrived home my friends were waiting for me. They stood with their arms crossed and serious looks on their faces. They looked so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Don’t you dare give us attitude, young lady!” Levi growled, sounding like an overbearing parent.

“What are you doing in my apartment again? ” I asked them, placing my hands on my hips.

“Oh hell nah,” Martia said, tossing her long weave over her shoulder. Her ghetto was about to come out. “ We ask the questions and you answer, okay?” I looked over at Kayleen for help, but she looked just as pissed off as Martia and Levi. What the hell happened? Was someone spreading some kind of rumor and said that I dissed them in some kind of way?

“Okay…what happened?” I looked at all of them. Martia and Levi stayed quiet, silently glaring at me, but Kayleen exploded.

“When the hell were you gonna tell us you went home with Liam fuckin Hawke. You said you met a guy but you failed to tell me he was a sexy ass billionaire! ” I blinked.

In the years I’d known Kayleen I had never once heard her cuss. But something they had said had me on edge.

“I didn’t go home with him.” I frowned at the thought of going home with him. Why was my body so excited at the thought of that?

“Well this picture says otherwise,” Martia said, holding out an issue of Us Weekly . The front page picture was Liam holding the door open for me as I climbed into his Lamborghini. ‘ Liam Hawke’s New Love? ’ the cover read. I looked back up to see the cross expression on their faces.

“Okay…I can explain.”

“You’d better,” Martia grumbled.

I rolled my eyes. I explained how I stumbled into his arms and how he offered to drive me home. No need to mention how I found him insanely attractive. I explained how he brought me back here and left, leaving his jacket and how I had gone to his office and was going to meet him again. “I just recently realized he was the Liam Hawke,” I concluded.

“Wow Liam fuckin Hawke,” Martia breathed, shaking her head. “He is one fine ass piece of white chocolate.” She fanned herself.

“D–n right,” Levi agreed, looking at me in envy.

“F–k, I wish I could’ve been you last night. Let me tell you bitches, I would’ve done some things to him.” Kayleen laughed.

“Ewww, Levi!” she jeered, swatting him on the arm.

“B—h shut the f–k up,” he said, grinning.

“You know you want to jump the bones off that hot ass billionaire if you could.” Kayleen just shook her head at him, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

“So I heard you and Martia got into an altercation at the club yesterday.” I looked at the two of them.

“Yassss, girl, we kicked some skinny ass!” Martia cheered, grinning madly.

“They got exactly what they deserved,” Levi said, looking dangerous. “I f—-d Simon up.” He grinned from ear to ear. Things fell back into playful conversation. We were joking and acting silly when I suddenly remembered…All three of my friends looked at me like I was crazy.

“Yvonne, are you okay?” Kayleen spoke up.

“Yeah, I just really gotta go,” I said, dashing to the door before they could stop me. “See you guys later.”

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“You’re late,” Liam said as I sat down across from him at an outdoor café sometime later. I rolled my eyes.

“I apologize, Your Highness. I was with my friends and I lost track of time.” He sighed at my sass and looked at me with those deep blue eyes. My breath caught automatically, he was just so beautiful. He smirked as if he heard it.

“I am quite attractive, aren’t I, Yvonne?” He just had to talk, didn’t he?

“You’re too cocky. I’m not interested in cocky guys,” I said to him, looking straight at him and thinking of how much of an a—–e he was.

“I’ll bet I could change your mind,” he said with an arrogant grin. I shook my head in disbelief and decided to change the subject.

“Why did you ask me here?”

“Oh, right, well–”

“Hello,” a soft voice interrupted him. We looked up and saw a bleach blonde waitress with fake boobs. She was smiling at Liam flirtatiously. “How may I help you today?”

“Ah, well Yvonne, why don’t you go first?” He looked at me. The waitress unwillingly turned to me, her smile looked a lot less friendly now. It actually looked like she was baring her teeth at me.

“I’ll take the pumpkin spice laté,” I said, grimacing as she hurriedly wrote it down and turned to Liam, her face flushed.

“And you?”

“I’ll have a coffee,” he said to her, grinning. Of course he would like the attention of this bleach blonde tramp with the fake boobs.

“How would you like it?” she asked.

“Well, I like my coffee like I like my women.” His grin was flirtatious. The waitress caught on and she flushed harder.

“And how’s that?” She batted her eyelashes. Home girl desperately needed to hit that corner lash with some adhesive.

“Black,” he said unexpectedly, reaching for my hand. I gaped at him, taken aback. The waitress looked at our hands and gritted her teeth, storming off. She was clearly pissed.

“She’s definitely gonna spit in our coffee.” I shook my head.

“No, she won’t. My friend Lucas will prepare our coffee and bring it to us. No one’s gonna spit in it.” He squeezed my hand. Warmth and electricity was spreading from our interlaced fingers, through my arm and up to my shoulders. I looked at him and saw his grin grow gentle, his eyes twinkled in the sunlight. His golden hair was shining.

I quickly pulled my hand away. He’s a playboy. He plays girls. He doesn’t really want you, I repeated over and over.

“So, what did you want? You want to discuss the plan right.”

“Yes, I do,” he leaned back in his chair. A group of girls walked by, peaking at his golden glory and giggling. I almost popped my eye out of its socket as I struggled not to roll my eyes.

“So how do you want to do this?” I asked him.

“First, you need to regain the friendship of Sasha and Kale,” he said, closing his eyes.

“Their names are Kate and Simon.” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever,” he sighed, opening his eyes only to shift them skywards. “You regain their friendship, tell them you want to meet up. That’s when I come in. Just introduce me and the rest should fall into place.” I nodded.

“So, we’ll only be doing this once, right?” He laughed.

“Oh, no, beautiful, more than once. You see, you need to really make them believe that you and you I are together. So of course we’ll need to be around them a lot more than once.” Before I could reply a man came to stand before our table. He was wearing a uniform so I assumed he worked here. My theory was obviously correct because he sat our coffee down in front of us. He had oil black hair and intoxicating dark eyes. He was appealing…in a dark way…

“Lucas,” Liam greeted him. “Thank you.” Lucas nodded and left, not looking back.

“He’s…odd,” I breathed, looking at Liam. Liam nodded.

“Lucas is a bit antisocial. He always feels uncomfortable around new people. Especially beautiful women.” He looked right at me. My face grew hot under his intense gaze. I looked away and sipped my laté. It was so delicious. Liam took his coffee and stood.

“Come with me,” he said.

“Where?” I asked suspiciously.

“I want to show you something.” He led the way to a sleek black stretch limo. We got inside and suddenly we were off. Liam sipped his coffee and I sipped my laté. We rode in silence until the car finally came to a stop. I sat my coffee down in one of the cup holders and Liam did the same.

“We’re here, Mr. Hawke,” the chauffeur informed us.

“Thank you, Paul.” Liam opened his door and i mimicked his action, pushing my door open as well. We were standing outside off a mansion. The Rolls Royce of mansions. It could hardly be classified as a mansion. It was more of a castle. It stretched to the sky and was far and wide. My jaw dropped.

“Welcome to my home,” he whispered in my ear. I jumped and yelped, whirling around. He was very close to me, his jewel like eyes twinkling in mischief.

“Stop standing so close.” I backed away from him.

“Why? Does it make you nervous?” He grinned and moved closer.

“Will you just stop?” I yelled, backing up further only to trip on my own two feet like an idiot girl in a horror film. Before I could fall backwards, his hand reached out and caught mine. He took advantage of the situation and pulled my body closer to his.

“Now, weren’t you glad I was close?” he whispered in my ear. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back. I leaned my head back to look at him. I just now realized how tall he was. The last time I had been this close to him, I was heavily intoxicated. All the other times I was too busy ogling his very handsome face. He had to be at least 6’2. Which was huge compared to me. I was only 5’1.

“You have to stop,” I whispered, my body felt warm and I was trembling. He was still stroking my arm. The truth was it felt…right when he touched me. He laughed and let me go, only to put his arm around my waist as we walked to his house.

“Get used to it, sweetness,” he said laughingly. “There’s gonna be a lot more of this.” He held me closer. I felt like I was on fire, my heart kicked into overdrive. Guys as handsome as Liam never came onto me. Normally I didn’t let this kind of thing get to me. What the hell was wrong with me? I had been with Simon for almost three years and he had never made me feel this way. Liam kissed my cheek and said, “This is gonna be fun, baby.” I wiped my cheek, much to his amusement and said,

“I am not your baby.”

“So feisty.” He winked at me.

We eventually made it inside his house and I looked around in awe. It was huge.

“My God,” I gasped, looking around. “This place is beautiful.”

“Thank you,” he said, smirking at my reaction.

“So why did you bring me here?” I asked, finally taking my eyes off the beautiful scenery and looking at him.

“Because this can be your new home.” I looked at him like he had grown an ass on his face.

“ What? ” I shrieked.

“Yvonne, I believe the best way for this plan to work is if we pretend we’ve gotten serious and we live together. And then gradually we talk of marriage.” I blinked at him. The shit had just hit the fan.