Mr Billionaire Episode 24


Liam seemed much more relaxed after the meeting with Anna. He was more like himself, a lot less worried which I was happy to see. We had been having a very active sex life. I was pleased at how normal and natural this seemed for me. It was 7:00 in the morning. I was slumped across Liam’s chest, his hand on my back.

“Did Johnson ever go see you?” I asked quietly.

“He’s supposed to see me today,” Liam said. His tone was odd, it wasn’t angry or wistful or even bitter, it was some kind of cross in between the three.

“You and Johnson don’t sound like the best of friends,” I said hesitantly.

“We’re not exactly on the best terms,” Liam said sourly. I wondered what happened between them that made Liam sound so sour every time Johnson’s name was mentioned. I was about to ask why when suddenly Liam’s lips crashed down on mine, his arms pulling me in closer. My questions can wait, I thought as I let him take me away.


Daniel Grover stood facing the older man. He couldn’t ignore the power radiating off of this man.

“So, you’re the famous Johnson that Liam spoke of,” Daniel finally spoke, eyeing him.

“Yes, I am. And you’re Daniel Grover. Makes sense that two of the richest, dumbest boys on the planet would be friends.” Daniel was enraged. How dare this man insult him? He opened his mouth to give that man a piece of his mind when a voice cut him off.

“The only correct part of that sentence was that Daniel and I are the richest men on the planet. We’re hardly friends. And I think you and I both know you can’t be stupid if you own a billion dollar company.” They swiveled around to see Liam Hawke standing in front of them. His face was completely serene, completely impassive. Behind him stood Chauncey, Lucas, Ryan and his father William.

“Ah, I see you’ve brought the whole gang,” Johnson spat out bitterly. “The king,” he gestured to William. “The prince,” he gestured to Liam. “And the three knights,” he gestured to Lucas, Ryan and Chauncey.

“I’m hardly a knight for the ‘ prince, ’” Ryan said with heavy sarcasm laced in each word.

“That’s right,” Johnson said, just remembering something. “You and Liam aren’t chummy like you used to be once upon a time.” He watched their body language. Liam—like always—gave nothing away. Ryan, however, clenched his jaw. Johnson knew then that he had struck a nerve. “So, we’re all here for this Yvonne girl, right?” Johnson reached for the manila folder and pulled out a picture of her, whistling lightly. “She’s a looker, Liam. Very much out of your league if you ask me.” He chuckled.

Liam just looked at Johnson. He had a feeling that whatever was coming next wouldn’t be pretty. Johnson always like to play a sadistic game of cat and mouse. He liked to find people’s weak points, toy with them and when he was done, he’d end it all.

“She reminds me of someone though,” Johnson said, tapping his chin. “Ryan, doesn’t she remind you of someone?” The tone which Johnson said this made Liam look in Ryan’s direction to see his ex-friend’s reaction. Ryan looked angry, his fists clenched, his jaw tight. His stance and the look in his eyes was very standoffish. “No?” Johnson said after a pregnant silence. “She doesn’t remind you of anyone?” Ryan was quiet, waves of fury rolling off of him like tsunami currents. “She reminds me of La—” Johnson began.

“Don’t you dare say her name, you bastard,” Ryan spat.

“My, my, you always were sensitive.” Johnson sighed, rolled his eyes. “But I guess I understand why you want to protect Yvonne now. If you lost her it would feel like losing Lana all over again, wouldn’t it.” Liam looked at Ryan.

“Yvonne reminds you of Lana?” he asked. Ryan looked at Liam, frowning before he finally sighed.

“Yes. She looks exactly like Lana.” He glared over at Johnson. “Happy?”

“Exceptionally,” Johnson replied, studying Liam’s reaction. As always Liam’s face was a mask of serenity. However now his shoulders were tense.

“I assume you never had the chance to meet Lana,” Johnson said in a slightly bored tone of voice. “But she’s the exact replica of the beautiful Yvonne.” It was silent. Liam taking it all in. So, that’s why Ryan was so hell-bent on helping him protect Yvonne. Before anyone could say anything else the doors burst open and there stood Gretchen’s father. His eyes were wide with horror and remorse. Liam looked at the man with one perfect brow raised, confusion shining in his eyes.

“You have to get to the girl,” he said, panting. Liam’s eyes went wide.

“What do you mean?” he asked, panicked immediately.

“Gretchen held me at gun point and asked for five of my best men. They’re on their way to your residence now.” Liam didn’t need to hear anymore, he was running before anyone else could react. He had to get there in time. He had to.

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I was watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and was really into it. I was only on the very first episode but I was hooked. Carole had gone for a little bit of grocery shopping and had left me with one of the housekeepers. The housekeeper was cleaning. I could hear the sound of her humming softly in the kitchen. I was so into the show that I was shocked when I heard a loud thud from the kitchen. I got up, hoping that the housekeeper hadn’t feinted.

When I went into the kitchen, she was on the floor. All I could see were her feet because the island in the kitchen was covering the rest of her. I rushed over immediately only to see blood pouring from the back of her head. She hadn’t passed out, she had been knocked out. I backed away and landed in a pair of strong arms. But these strong arms weren’t the strong arms I was used to. They held me too tightly. Their intention wasn’t to hold me close, to love me and to protect me. They wanted to hurt me.

I struggled to get free, but the arms wouldn’t budge. I clawed at him, I fought as much as humanly possible, but the arms around me grew tighter. Then they shoved a rag to cover my nose and mouth. I involuntarily breathed to get air. As soon as I did, I began to get dizzy and soon holding my eyes open was impossible. And against my will, I succumbed to darknes