Mission Impossible Episode 9


I walked into the lecture hall as everyones’ eyes turn on me.they must have missed the guy they use to make mockery of. I sat down,not minding the eyes.before,i would had become ashamed but now am happy they are staring at me showing that am a celeb.mr mike walked in Mr

Mike:hello class

All:hello sir

Mr Mike:who can remind me where we stopped…

I looked into the course outline that had writen down(mr mike is our Economics lecturer but left for me alone i would call him our Economics preacher because he can’t even teach or lecture)

A girl raised her hands up

Mr Mike:no no not you,where is that boy(the whole class knew he was referring to me so they all faced me with most of them already laughing,he followed the multitude’s eyes and found me)yes.so where did we stop?

Me:demand sir….

He looked at me for sometime then start teaching.i sent a message to matchety

Me:hi matchety,where are you,i want to come meet you… and he replied

Matchety:no stay,i know why you want to come,because of the lecturer in your class

Me:how did you know

Matchety: common am your shadow so i know,just stay in,capon just imported(invited)people to take care of him

Me:ah,bado but hope he won’t be killed because i dont want that

Matchety: ok no qualm,but delete this messages,ama delete mine too should you be suspected

Me: ok…i smiled to myself and relaxed.after some minutes mr mike started.how i wished he knew what awaits him he wouldnt have dared

Mr Mike:where is that boy(i kept calm though i knew he was referring to me,he sighted me)yes you,stand up(i stood up with all boldness)you look neat today,you finally found someone to borrow clothes from(the ready to laugh class bursted out with laughter)who’s clothes is this?

Me:hmmm sir

Mr Mike:is hmmm an answer(the class laughed more louder,then a voice answered from outside)

Voice:na your papa cloth the guy borrow…

I looked to see who it was but saw no one,even the whole class who were lost in laughter and mr mike looked to see who would surface from outside but no one did

Mr Mike:who is that idiot?…

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Two guys entered with others standing two two in each of the four door post all on black holding long guns.fear gripe my course mates

1st Guy:na you be idiot,you be josing man

2nd Guy: (turned to the class)hey stop shouting,we are not here to harm any of you,we are here for your lecturer,just stay calm not to make use change mind(the class went dead but students were shivering,even some girls were crying)hey you(me)come out(i did)

1st Guy:u nah josing man,ur student wehy u suppose dehy respect and talk maturedly in front of am so dem go respect u nah im u make dehy regret why im kom we skul

Mr Mike: (shivering)am ju..ju..sst joking with him,you can ask him

Me:yes its true(dont mind me,am just acting in other not to be suspected)

2nd Guy: okay we don hear but…

Mr Mike:thank you sir

2nd Guy:da ke jare(keep quite jare)i still dehy yahn

Mr Mike: (shivering)sorry sir,am quite sir

2nd Guy:i wan make you borrow am your clothes so begin pull am now infront of the students

Mr Mike: ah ah

1st Guy: (cracks his gun)oyah begin pull…

I laughed at mr mike inwardly as i watched him hurriedly unbuckle his belt,pull his trouser and T-shirt

1st Guy: oyah remove your singlet and boxers.he wan borrow am too

Mr Mike:ah ah i would be naked!

1st Guy:i know but nah you say if person no get make the person borrow so help the boy out…

Mr mike removed his singlet and shamefully removed his boxer and here goes mr dickson dingling like a bell and the whole class shouted out aloud…then something happened,mr mike collapsed.

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To be continued


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