Mission Impossible Episode 7


No wonder the students kept staring at me.i quickly took my bags from the ground and hurried inside. That night was a messed up one because i was restless, i thought of running off tonight but the threats the said capon gave me is just so fresh in my head.i really have to stop bothering my head over this because there is nothing i can do about it.

If i decide to go to the police what would they do,i even heard some of the police belong there so my hands are tied. I continued lectures in my usual mode,always sad and ashamed.mr mike had really given me a bad mark and made me a mockery in my department.

Soon saturday was here,i washed my dirty clothes and began to sleep due to thinking.i couldnt even eat,i have no friends though i like making friends but the early stage insult made me calm and almost turned me to a sadist each time am in school. Matchety’s voice woke me,i couldnt believe i slept from afternoon to 11.

I opened my door and saw him standing on black up and down,back flat shoe and socks and black beret

Matchety:ah so you never ready?

Me:am ready

Matchety:ready to where?

Me:what kind of question is that

Matchety:who you dey follow talk,you wan may i give you back hand slap? You wan follow me go black men meeting with red and black! go wear black and black jawe

Me:i dont have black T-shirt o…

He removed his own and gave me,he was on black singlet

Matchety: oyah wear this one

Me: (this is serious)ok thank you…

i wore the shirt and my black pam slipers

Matchety: lets go

Me:how do we go and where are we actually going to

Matchety:how we go go? We go disappear, malu(cow)

Me:i mean the gate is locked…he kept quite,walked close to the fence and signalled me over.i walked close to him and he instructed me to climb his hand(which he had already joined together with each finger crosing the other)and jump over the fence.i did as instructed without questions and preteniously laid flat,then he jumped over too.a black car was parked outside.

Matchety:stand up lets go

Me:my leg has broken(lies)

Matchety:lets go jawh

Me: (boldly)are you deaf? my legs are broken

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Matchety:if ah match you eeeh, your head go correct(he went to the car and brought out a cutlass)e be like say you nor no say i wicked pass butcher abi,(shouted)oya get up sharper

Me:sorry,i was just joking(stood up)

Matchety: hmmm,i just like you,dont know why but dont change me

Me:thank you sir…

we got into the car and drove off.got to a particular area he pulled over,blind folded me and drag me into the bush.we walked for some minutes before i began hearing voices singing.we got to the place and he made me kneel down,i knew i was close to the fire because it was hitting me badly.they continued to chant their song that doesnt even make a single sense to me *today today,tomorrow no more,iffah died today i will die no more* was the song Me: (shivering.God forbid i would not die o)…then the capon’s voice came


All: (except me)we are your shadows


All: (except me)we follow you anywhere you go

Capon:BLACK MEEN All: (except me) but nothing goes for nothing…then everywhere became calm. .

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*****TO BE CONTINUED******.